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Do you know that: 90% of consumers read online reviews before making a purchase and 72% of consumers will be prompted to take action after reading positive reviews? Therefore, no matter whether you’re a popular eCommerce store or if you just started out, customer product reviews play a crucial role in making your Shopify store succeed.

In this article, we will give you the list of the 15 best customer product review elements on successful Shopify stores. We’ll explain what makes them so great in the hopes that you can apply these to your own Shopify store. We have previously written about this topic

But first, let's go through some basic knowledge about the essence of customer product reviews.

Why are customer product reviews so important?

Customer product reviews are the opinions or feedback of customers for a particular product. When a user lands on your Shopify store intending to make a purchase, they will definitely look for reviews.

Here are some reasons why we think product reviews are very important for your Shopify store:

  • They build trust and credibility with your products: The more reviews you have, the more convinced a shopper will be that they’re making the right decision.
  • They add a personal touch to the business, making it easier for potential customers to relate to what you provide.
  • They help shoppers visualize themselves enjoying the benefits of your products, and as human beings, we’re all prone to something that is comparable to us.
  • Lastly, we’ll receive many unexpectedly diverse product reviews, some of them are positive, some of them are negative, and some customers may not be completely satisfied with the product. But in fact, a little bit of imperfection can create a lot of trust. Have a look at our best tips to handle negative product reviews on your store to turn negative reviews into positive ones!

But the question is: How can you get customer feedback and manage all of them? If you’re a dropshipping Shopify store, you can make it easy by importing hundreds of reviews from AliExpress, Amazon, or eBay. You can also directly ask for your customer feedback by sending them an email or an SMS message. But what happens if your store has too many products and a lot of customers? It can be a lot of work importing, requesting, and managing all the customer reviews. Opinew app is a complete solution to review management that will take the burden off your shoulders. Find out the best practices on how to add and display photo reviews on your Shopify store and increase your chances of influencing purchases to drive more conversions to your online store.

Now we can agree that having customer product reviews is crucial for your Shopify store. Let’s move to the next part to see how successful Shopify stores are presenting and managing their customer feedback.

15 Best Shop Reviews Examples

1. Cable Clear

CableClear is a patented cable management solution to hide TV wires in walls for mounted TVs and digital photo frames. CableClear is easy to install and the in-wall conduit is engineered to comply with international building safety standards.

As you can see, its product is very unique and quite new to many consumers. Therefore, it's crucial to have comprehensive social proof to build trust and credibility. To tackle this task, Cable Clear is using the Opinew app to set up a testimonial section right on its homepage:

Therefore, whenever somebody goes to its website, they can easily read the feedback of many previous customers from all over the world. Remember that you might have to get customers’ permission before featuring their feedback on your homepage.

2. Manitobah Mukluks

Founded by Métis entrepreneur Sean McCormick in 1997 and based in Manitoba, Canada, Manitobah Mukluks keeps and celebrates Indigenous traditions through footwear. Its Storyboot Project collection is made in partnership with Indigenous elders and artisans. On the flip side, to make its footwear accessible to more people, there are also lines made internationally.

When you go into any product page of Manitobah Mukluks website, you will see that the review element is considered an official piece of information in the product description section:

It’s very smart because as soon as customers see the product's image and detailed information, they can read tons of customer reviews about this particular product. As a result, it will be easier for them to make purchasing decisions. The customer reviews section is also well-organized with the number of reviews, the customer’s name, the day they left the feedback, and a short paragraph of their review.

3. BLK and Bold

BLK and Bold was founded by Pernell Cezar Jr. and Rod Johnson to help local communities through the sale of caffeinated beverages. The company pledges 5% of its profit to initiatives that sustain youth programs, enhance workforce development, and eradicate youth homelessness.

Under every product description section, you’ll easily find the review part. They also have a “Write a review” button so that its customer can leave their feedback whenever they want :

4. Venture Heat

Venture Heat is a pioneer in the Wearable Heating Technology industry. Their goal is to continue to be the most trusted brand in the business. Their business philosophy is very simple: to create responsibly made products that are unrivalled in price, quality, and workmanship.

Venture Heat is also a big customer of Opinew. They include the social proof sections right on their homepage, making it very clear for visitors to access. Right behind the social proof section, they add lots of photos of customers using their products. These sections help potential buyers visualize themselves using the product and see how the product looks in real life. Many pieces of research have shown that, if you have a bunch of customer photos of your product in use, you’re more likely to sell more.

You can install Opinew for your Shopify store here to have the same customer product review section as Venture Heat.

5. Suta

Suta is a fashion house based in Mumbai, India dedicated to employing weavers and artisans in disempowered communities and using sustainable fabrics. Mixing unique handmade fabrics with classic saree silhouettes, dresses, and blouses, Suta’s pieces represent a meeting of tradition, creativity, and design.

To highlight its unique selling points, Suta designed wonderful product pages with many professional product images, comprehensive product descriptions, and a well-organized customer review element. A pop-up review page full of customer-generated photos and reviews will show up when you click on the Review button on the right side of the screen.

6. Tentree

Tentree is a fashion store using the most sustainable (and comfortable) materials in the world to produce the product. If you’re wondering about its name, here is the reason. Every time you purchase an item, they plant 10 trees. They want to show the lasting impact that one small choice can have.

Similar to some examples mentioned above, Tentee includes the social proof section on its product page. But more specifically, the customer review section of Tentree provides more fields of information. Not only customers' names, and their feedback but also some important factors that make customers satisfied with the product such as fit, quality…

7. Grill Man

GrillMan is the ideal shop for backyard BBQ enthusiasts. It provides weatherproof grill covers with high-quality materials to shield it against even the harshest conditions. And to account for all models and styles of grills, they have many options with sizing to fit all popular grill brands including Weber, Dyna-Glo, Char-Broil, Blackstone, Pit Boss, and more.

Using Opinew to manage all the social proof, let’s see how GrillMan presents its reviews:

Clear and easy to access, the review section makes their product page more authentic and reliable.


This Shopify store sells graphic tees, jumpsuits, swimsuits, activewear, and more. They’re more of a lifestyle brand as they also stock tech, wellness, and desk items.’s website is a canvas of vibrant colours and simple navigation that makes it easy to browse around.

Let's look at its social proof element:

Here are something you can learn from the way present their customer feedback:

  • Matching visuals with the design style of the whole website
  • Using the two-column layout. The customer product reviews are divided into two columns and that makes them more organized. The visitors can also find the information more easily.
  • Including even some negative feedback. One of the best side effects of negative reviews is the positive light they shed on good reviews. They prove that your store has nothing to hide. Consumers tend to trust reviews more when they see a mix of good and bad feedback.

9. Golf Outfitters

Golf Outfitters is a fashion brand that mainly focuses on providing the world with premium quality golf wear at a reasonable price.

Their business model is quite simple and easy to understand. What makes their website stand out is that they show product review videos from their previous customers.

If a picture says a thousand words, what do you think a video does? Almost 80% of people state that product videos give them more confidence when purchasing a product. Videos from other customers give prospective customers more confidence about what they are purchasing, which is very important in your Shopify store to optimize your conversion rate.

Therefore, it's always smart that you add some review videos to your website. Install Opinew today and see how our app can help you do that.

10. Nerdwax

Nerdwax produces organic and all-natural beeswax formulated to keep people’s glasses in place. The company rejected two offers from Shark Tank. This Shopify store is definitely doing something right if it has made over a million dollars in total sales to date.

Go to their homepage, you will see the social proof section placed in a very prominent position with the headline "People have been talking about us". Then, they show a list of newspapers and TV Shows which have mentioned Nerdwax before. Behind that, they featured several customer reviews with photos of their product in use. Rêmm

Remember that images allow your customers to visually connect with the product. It’s hard to find a better way to know how a product will look than by seeing a picture of someone who owns the product wearing or using it.

11. BreadBrand

BreadBrand is a Shopify store for men’s beard care. In less than a year, the company was making $120k in monthly sales. Beardbrand’s email list also quickly grew to over 7 thousand emails. Their website invites you to take a quiz that helps you end scent confusion and find the perfect fragrance for your skin, beard, and hair.

When talking about their customer product reviews section, its design is quite similar to many examples we have mentioned before. But the special thing is that BreadBrand has been collecting a huge number of reviews. Look at the photo below, you can see that their product received more than 7000 reviews, which is really amazing. The more reviews you have, the more convinced a shopper will be that they’re making the right decision.

12. Australian Body Care

Australian Bodycare is another big customer of Opinew. It has been a front-runner for skincare products since 1992. Since then, they have adhered to the same ideas: Providing the best skincare solutions and helping people achieve a better quality of life. Their product series is tailored for the entire family: It prevents and treats the most common skin problems - all while staying gentle on the skin. All products are produced with the highest quality and correct dosage of ingredients to match the skin-related problem in question.

As we all know, skincare is a competitive market. The survivors will be the ones who have quality products and gain the trust of customers. No one wants to risk their own skin. By using social proof in the form of testimonials, Australian Body Care helps customers make better decisions and feel confident about their choice. Let's look at the picture below to see how Australian Body Care use the Opinew app to design its social proof section:

13. Naked Wines

NakedWines is a liquor Shopify store that launched in the UK on 1 December 2008. In 2015, the company was purchased by Majestic Wine, a British brick-and-mortar retailer.

The customer reviews element of this store is quite different, let's look at the photo below:

They're not written reviews, they just show the percentage of customers who would buy the product again. Sometimes, you don’t need a long paragraph of a customer testimonial, you just need some strong data to prove the quality of your product.

14. ModCloth

ModCloth is an American online retailer of indie and vintage-inspired women’s clothing. The company is headquartered in Los Angeles with a joint office/fulfilment centre in Pittsburgh.

Modcloth doesn’t just allow customers to write reviews. It encourages shoppers to share details about the product and themselves, so other customers can better understand how a specific garment may fit them by finding and reading a review from someone with a similar shape and weight to their own.

15. Aritzia

Aritzia Inc. is a Canadian women's fashion brand founded in Vancouver, British Columbia, by Brian Hill in 1984. Aritzia sells a variety of lifestyle apparel through various upscale retail stores across Canada and the United States and online.

This company’s product review page is very thorough as it has a strong focus on reviewing the sizing, as it’s a clothing store. By having the sizing scale at the top and each review has the customer’s height for reference, visitors are sure to find their correct size while shopping online.

Now it's your turn

We have gone through 15 great examples of customer product review sections of successful Shopify stores. Testimonial and social proof are some of the most cost-friendly but efficient ways to build trust and promote your Shopify store. Ensure that you have the right tool to help you manage all the tasks of requesting and collecting feedback, and then presenting them in your store in the right way. Opinew is a complete solution for review management that will help you handle the whole process. Also, try to experiment with different types of social proof such as written feedback, photo reviews, video reviews, etc, and see which one brings the highest conversion rate.

Though trust is hard to gain, it's worth investing in and fighting for.

If you are looking for more inspiration, we have prepared for you a list of the 21 best Shopify store examples of 2021 (check out part 2 here) with some useful ideas you can add to your store in minutes to improve your customers' experience!

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