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Opinew unifies Reviews, Q&A and Customer Chat into a single system

All features forever!

Opinew's promise: You will get the full package - all the features no matter if you are small or a big shop. We will differentiate our price only on how many reviews your shop needs.

Automatic post-purchase email

No more asking your customers for reviews. We will take care of reminding the buyers of the great benefits coming with posting a review but not annoy them.

Photo reviews

Bring extra credibility to your reviews with photos and videos. Over a billion of them are posted everyday on services like Snapchat, Pinterest and Instagram.

Verified reviews

Reviews left by people who purchased them are shown as "Verified Reviews". Our picture-based approach from our app brings even more credibility.

And coming soon...


Questions & Answers

A publicly visible Q&A in which you can highlight the most frequently asked questions (and your answers) about your products.

Automatic Filters

We will take care of profanity filters and suggesting which reviews will help you and your customers the most.

Customer chat

Maybe somebody wants to ask you about your products on the spot while they are on your page? Don't loose a sale just because they couldn't contact you!

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