low volume

Per Month

  • 200 review requests per month
  • 500 Aliexpress/Amazon review imports
  • All features included
  • 14 day free trial
Medium volume

Per Month

App store
  • 1000 review requests per month
  • 4000 Aliexpress/Amazon review imports
  • All features included
  • 14 day free trial
High Volume
(41% of shops are on this plan)

Per Month

  • 5000 review requests per month
  • 15,000 Aliexpress/Amazon review imports
  • All features included
  • 7 day free trial

Per Month

  • 20,000 review requests per month
  • UNLIMITED Aliexpress/Amazon review imports
  • All features included
  • 14 day free trial


Review Requests

We will send perfectly timed review request emails to your customers. Choose number of days after purchase and time of the day.

Text & Photo Reviews

Bring more credibility to your products by letting your customers add photos of the products they bought.

Social Media Integrations

Use reviews for marketing your products. Share to your shop's facebook and twitter pages. Your customers can also share to their personal pages.


Be in charge of your branding. Make Opinew look and feel like it's an integral part of your online shop. Craft beautiful review request emails, that look like the ones you send via Shopify or Mailchimp.

  •  One Click Install

    Opinew installs itself and doesn't require you to edit your shop's HTML code.

  •  Verified Reviews

    Reviews left by people who made a purchase at your shop are shown as "Verified Reviews".

  •  Built-in Questions & Answers

    A publicly visible Q&A in which you can highlight the most frequently asked questions about your products.

  •  Schedule emails to previous orders

    If you had orders before you installed Opinew, you can send review requests to them with a single click of a button.

  •  Manage Negative Reviews

    Any Verified negative review can be resolved by a refund or an email conversation with your client. We don't count resolved reviews into the average starsfor a product.

  •  Automatic Filters

    Our profanity filters will take care of blacklisting the offensive reviews

  •  Comment on Reviews

    Leave comments under reviews

  •  Coupons

    Offer coupons to incentivise people to leave reviews and keep them coming back

  •  Advanced Analytics

    Know how reviews impact your sales and how many people read reviews

  •  SEO Optimized

    Opinew gives your shop rich snippets. We make review stars and product info visible in the Google search results