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Why are no reviews imported on Opinew?

There are a number of reasons why no reviews imported on Opinew. If you are having issues importing reviews to Shopify, try checking the most common import issues below:

Are your filters too narrow?

You might have overlooked if the filters you set match any reviews on the product you’re importing from (only with photos, only 5* reviews). For example. If you set the filters to import only reviews with photos and there are no reviews containing photos.

There may be no reviews, or the correct country domain may have been missed

Sometimes you forget to check if the product actually has any reviews available. Amazon might show reviews but when you look closer it will show that they are all from Amazon Germany but you used the amazon.com link. In this case, you will have to use the amazon.de link to show the reviews.

My Bulk import isn’t pulling reviews into Opinew

If you are importing reviews from Amazon, we can only import the reviews where Opinew can match your SKU in Shopify with the SKU on Amazon. Check that the SKU numbers match for the bulk importer to pull through reviews.

For Bulk reviews import from Apps like Oberlo, Dropified, or Importify, Opinew will only import for products that are available on Aliexpress and have existing reviews.

Updated on April 2, 2021
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