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How to Know When a Product Link is Valid on Amazon and eBay

When using the review importer inside your Opinew Dashboard there are a couple of reasons why you won’t be able to import reviews for a product; the main one is the use of an invalid product link.

In this article, we will help you distinguish between incorrect and correct product links.

The correct way of copying a product URL is to visit the product’s main page; verify the browser is not inside a subsection of the Amazon page.

If the page you’re on looks like the picture below or the URL includes the part ‘/product-reviews/’, this means this is the incorrect link.

Another valid format is to remove all the extra text after the ‘/item/4000901174719.html’ and leave a short version of the product link URL.

eBay Product Reviews

Reviews for a specific product

When you need to import reviews from a specific eBay product page, always be sure you can see a star rating widget beneath the product’s title on the page you’re visiting.

ebay product reviews 1

eBay Shop Reviews

Reviews for the entire shop

If on the other hand, you want to import reviews from a shop’s overall page, on the right-hand side part of the page search for the element with the username and the total number of reviews next to it.

ebay shop reviews part 1
After you

After you click this username the shop’s reviews page will open and you will see this view, this will be the correct URL to import shop reviews from eBay.

ebay shop reviews part 2
Updated on October 3, 2023
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