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How to import reviews from Amazon by CedCommerce and Opinew

This integration between CedCommerce and Opinew will let you import reviews easily and in 1-click while you are importing and managing your Amazon products on your Shopify Store using the Amazon by CedCommerce sales channel.

Getting Started

Before going into the tutorial, make sure you have all this installed and set up on your Shopify store:

Install Amazon by CedCommerce >

Install Opinew >

Install Opinew’s Chrome Extension >

Open Amazon by CedCommerce and start linking your Amazon products to your Shopify products. Once you’re done syncing the inventory, make sure you also have the Opinew Google Chrome Extension properly set up and linked to your Shopify store.

Import Reviews for a single product from Amazon by CedCommerce and Opinew

Once you’re all set up, head over to Amazon by CedCommerce and open the “Listings” page.

CedCommerce and Opinew Step 1 - go to listings

After reaching your listings page, a new column should appear and display an import reviews button.

CedCommerce and Opinew Step 2 - click import reviews

Click on it, and this will open a pop-up with the settings to import your reviews. Choose how many reviews you want to import, what kind of ratings they have, if you want to translate them and if you want them to only have images. Once you’re done, click on import reviews at the bottom.

CedCommerce and Opinew Step 3 - Set settings and import

Once reviews are imported, the “Import reviews” button will switch to “Reviews imported”. On there you’ll see how many reviews were imported and the average stars rating for this product.

CedCommerce and Opinew Step 4 - Double check reviews imported

Import reviews in bulk with Amazon by CedCommerce and Opinew

Another way you could import reviews with this integration is by opening our Chrome extension while you are on the Listings page. This will allow you to import reviews in bulk for all your products, in just one-click.

CedCommerce and Opinew Step 5 - Bulk import

First, click on “Bulk Import” on top of the extension pop-up.

CedCommerce and Opinew Step 6 - Bulk import reviews click

You will be prompted with the review importer settings. Configure it in a few steps and then press “Import reviews for all products”.

CedCommerce and Opinew Step 7 - set settings and click import

Your reviews should be importing to your Shopify store. Keep in mind this can take a few seconds and up to a minute, depending on the number of products you have.

CedCommerce and Opinew Step 8 - check if importing

Once the review import is done, the Chrome Extension will display
“Success” in the status column.

CedCommerce and Opinew Step 9 - check if correctly imported

That’s it, all your products on the listing should now be populated with reviews!

If you happen to have any issues with the extension, feel free to contact our support center. For more information about extension troubleshooting, visit our article on Troubleshooting Chrome Extension issues.

Updated on October 10, 2022
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