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How to Add Opinew Reviews to EComposer

Our new integration with EComposer Landing Page Builder on Shopify helps you display Opinew widgets when creating custom pages with EComposer. In order to do that, you will need:

Opinew Product Reviews installed, all the widgets configured and reviews imported on your products.

EComposer installed on your store.

Set Opinew As Your Default Review App on EComposer

When working with pre-built templates, you’ll notice that some review sections are already pre-added. In order to avoid you to drag & drop the Opinew elements, and delete the existing ones, you can just open the settings panel on the top right of your screen and select Opinew as the default review app.

This will automatically connect to Opinew and display the reviews from Opinew.

Drag & Drop Opinew Reviews to EComposer Pages

If you are going full custom, here’s how to drag & drop the Opinew elements:

  • Open the editor
  • Click on the extensions on the top sidebar and search for Opinew widgets
  • Install all Opinew widgets
  • Now on the left sidebar, scroll down to the 3rd party section in the Elements tab
  • Locate Opinew widgets and drag & drop them to the location of your choice

If you are looking to customize the widgets’ style, alignment and more, you will need to do it inside Opinew’s dashboard and save your changes before you see them on your live pages.

Feel free to reach out to our support team at the bottom left of this page in case you’re encountering any issues.

Updated on June 26, 2023
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