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Product Review Widget – Settings & Customization

Opinew’s state-of-the-art Shopify review widgets come with highly-customizable settings, allowing you to blend them with your store’s design style seamlessly.

Our main product review widget comes with 4 different themes layout you can choose from: Default, Modern, Minimal, and Carousel.

Opinew’s review widget settings are divided into three main components:

  • General Settings
  • Colour Settings
  • Font Size Settings

General Settings

First, you will need to choose between our 4 different themes. Read more about each of our new review widgets layouts here.

Choose Layout settings


Then, you will be asked to choose the main language of your reviews. Choose between more than 80+ languages to display in your store.

Sorting of Reviews

Default sorting controls the order in which reviews are sorted by default on the store. The merchant can choose to sort by:

  • Smart Reviews

Smart reviews are available as an add-on for Growth and Advanced plans and included in the Enterprise plan.

  • By time (newest reviews first)
  • By review photos and videos, then by time

On your Shopify store, the customer will see the following sort by options:

  • Photos & Videos
  • Verified purchase
  • Default (only if Smart Reviews is enabled)
  • Recent
  • Highest Rated
  • Lowest Rated

No Reviews

Controls whether an empty state widget is shown to customers in the store. The product may have ratings or not.

Review Source

The label displays if the control is on and if the reviews have been imported from Amazon, eBay, or Aliexpress.

Verified Label

The label displays if the control is on and if we can match the email address of the review to an email that made a purchase or if the review was verified at the time of import.

Display a search bar on your review widget and let your customers search for specific reviews.

Search - review widgets

Separate Reviews

Available only on Enterprise plans.

This will display International reviews on the segmented control navigation menu. Any reviews in a different language will be displayed on your review widget in a different tab called International Reviews.

Star Bars

Stars bars are only available on the Default theme layout.

The customer will be able to filter the reviews by a given star rating by hovering over the star bar.

Date Format

The date controls whether a date is shown for each review and in which format.

Options for the date format:

  • day/month/year
  • month/day/vear
  • year/month/day
  • Relative (Ebay’s date format) eg. The past month
Date format

Reviews per page

Reviews per page are only available on the Default, Modern, Minimal theme layouts.

Controls how many reviews are visible per page on the store.

Review Columns

Review columns are only available on the Default and Minimal theme layouts.

Controls whether the reviews display on one or two columns on the store.

review columns - shopify product review widget

Review Images

The review images settings control:

  • Whether to display review images or not.
  • Whether the first image for any given review is displayed larger, the user can also toggle the max height.

The main review image is only available on the Default and Minimal theme layouts, with a review column set to 1.

Controls the aspect of your review cards.

  • Pick between card style and flat style.
  • Activate and choose a border or a shadow colour
  • Set your border-radius
  • Set your review card colour


Colors Settings

Widget Elements

Controls the colour of the stars rating and the search icon colour.

Widgets Element

Font Colours

  • Body text: Controls the review text, total number of reviews and date colours.
  • Large rating
  • Tabs text color
  • Verified label: Controls the colour of the font and icon
  • Review source label: Controls the colour of the font and icon
  • Reviewer Name: Controls the colour of the name of the reviewer
  • Search placeholder: Controls the colour of the ‘Search’ placeholder text in the search bar

The search placeholder is only available on Growth, Advanced and Enterprise plans.

  • Navbar text: Controls the colour of the Reviews | Q&A | International

Q&A is only available for the Growth plan and onwards. The search feature is only available on the Enterprise plan.

Font Colours

Button Colours

  • Write a review button: Controls the colour of the button
  • Write a review button text: Controls the colour of the text inside the button
  • Sort by / Filter by button: Controls the colour of the filter and sort by button border and font
Button Colours

Pagination Colours

Controls the colour of the arrows to go to the previous or next page of reviews and the colour of the review page number.

Pagination Colours

Font Size

You can set a font size in rem or pixels for the Main review text, this is the body of the review. The other fonts will scale in relation to this.

If you happen to have any issues when customizing the widgets, feel free to contact our support center via the live chat at the bottom right of this page.

Updated on June 21, 2023
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