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Multi Country Widgets

(Available on headless mode only)

This feature lets you show reviews from international languages separately to your local language. When switched it will show international reviews in its own separate section below your local reviews. Your visitors can translate each international review separately by clicking the ‘Translate’ button on the review card. Your visitors can also translate all international reviews at once by clicking the ‘Translate All’ button at the start of the international reviews section.

How do you distinguish between local and international reviews.

We detect the language of each review and use that to split them into local/international review sections

How can I set my local language

When placing the headless code for the review widget, add a lang attribute and specify an ISO language string eg.

<opinew-plugin type="product" product-id="12343244" domain="myshop.myshopify.com" lang="fr"></opinew-plugin>

This will let our system know that you picked French to be your main language for this frontend.

Updated on June 26, 2023

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