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How to Add a Shopify Reviews Carousel

Are you looking to display a featured Shopify reviews carousel widget right on your store’s home page?

Follow our quick guide below on how to set it up and customize it, add featured reviews and how to add your newly built review carousel to your Shopify store’s homepage.

Make sure you have Opinew installed on your Shopify store.

The Carousel review widget is only available on paid plans. Check out our pricing plans to find out the limitation on widgets.

Watch our video tutorial below to get started quickly.

First, Opinew gives you the possibility to customize the style of your carousel and select the featured reviews that will be displayed there.

To do this, head over to “Widgets > Carousel” in your Opinew dashboard as shown below.

Shopify reviews carousel

On the left sidebar, you’ll be able to change the colours and styling of the carousel under “General Information”.

How to customise the carousel review widget

To select the carousel reviews to show inside your Shopify reviews carousel, scroll down on the left sidebar and expand the “Reviews” section.

How to add featured reviews to your Carousel widget

Then type the review text in the search bar and click “Add”.

Add new reviews to your carousel widget

You can see how it would look like by clicking “Preview widget”.

Once you’re finished with customizing the reviews carousel, save the configuration using the “Save” button.

You can also head over to “Reviews > Manage”, click on the three dots on the review of your choice and then click “Add to Carousel” to feature it on your newly created Shopify reviews carousel.

Add to carousel from manage reviews page

To add the Shopify reviews carousel widget at the end of your Shopify store’s homepage, simply toggle the “Active” switch in the widgets section and the widget code will be automatically added to your current Shopify home page.

set carousel as active

Suppose you wish to change the position of the review carousel on your home page, go to the “Online Store> Themes” section inside your Shopify dashboard and click the “Customize” button to enter the Shopify theme editor.

Inside the theme editor, you will see the Opinew Review Carousel panel inside the Sections menu on the left-hand side of the screen. To change the position of the carousel, simply drag the Opinew Review Carousel panel above/below other sections on your home page.

That’s it! The review carousel should now be visible on your home page.

If you wish to change the widget customization later, you don’t have to repeat the whole process again, simply adjust your carousel settings, save them and the changes should soon be visible on your home page.

If you want to add the carousel to a page other than a homepage (blog, custom product page, etc.), you can just add this code to the liquid template of that page:

{% section 'opinew_review_carousel' %}

Updated on September 18, 2023
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