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How to reply to reviews inside Gorgias

You can add comments to reviews directly from your Opinew generated Gorgias tickets by creating a custom sidebar widget.

Here’s how to do it:

Head to one of your Gorgias tickets and on the top right corner click on the gear icon:

On the next page, grab the Standalone element from the left side of the screen and drop it on the right section:

Then click on the edit icon and on the next window place a name for the widget (Opinew, for example) and click Submit:

Once done, click on Add Button:

The next window will show up. On Button title place Leave comment, on Method select POST and then on URL type https://api.opinew.com/reply-gorgias like this:

After that click on the + sign below Query Parameters. There, place on the Key field user_information, and then on Value and Edit Label place {{ticket.external_id}}:

Click again on the + sign below Query Parameters to add a new one. Now on the first field place comment, leave the Value field empty and under Edit Label place Your comment. Finally click on the Editable and Mandatory icons on that same row like this:

On the Body section select application/x-www-form-urlencoded and click Save:

Finally click Save Changes:

That’s it! Now every time you get a new review ticket generated by Opinew, you’ll be able to leave a comment to that review inside of Gorgias. Just click on the newly created Leave Comment button on the right side of the ticket and typing your reply on the window:

Once you click Execute you’ll see a success message meaning the setup and the comment were posted succesfully.

Updated on March 24, 2023
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