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Issues with Chrome Extension? Opinew’s troubleshooting guide

Are you receiving error messages when you try to use the Opinew Chrome extension? You can use this guide to troubleshoot your issues and find possible solutions.

Error messages and their meaning

These are the most common error messages that you might encounter while using the chrome extension.

User validation failed

The login credentials supplied by this extension did not match this shop’s login credentials. Please make sure that your extension is activated for the shop you are currently logged in.

The user validation error shows up if the authentication of your extension fails. This means that the supplied shop domain or access token credentials are incorrect.

To fix this user validation issue you need to supply new valid credentials to the extension by activating it in the Opinew dashboard.

Insufficient import quota

Reviews import failed due to insufficient import quota. You don’t have enough review import quota remaining. If you want to import more reviews, consider upgrading your Opinew subscription plan.

The insufficient import quota error will show if you try to import more reviews than your current review quota allows. In order to remove this error message and successfully import the reviews you need to increase your review quota by deleting older reviews to make space for the new ones or by upgrading your Opinew subscription plan to a higher tier.

If you upgrade to the Ultra subscription plan you will have an unlimited review quota and don’t need to worry about this error again.

Invalid product

The product you are trying to import either does not exist or is already linked to a different url. Please make sure that this product exists in your store and that no other reviews are linked to it and try again.

Invalid product error occurs if you try to import reviews for products that doesn’t exist inside your Shopify store. To fix this, make sure that your have created the product inside you Shopify store and that its details (such as SKU) are same as the one that you’re trying to import.

In case you have just installed Opinew, it is possible that this product already exists in your Shopify store, but wasn’t synced with Opinew servers yet. If this is the case, make sure to wait until your installation of Opinew is finished and then try again.

Unexpected error

An unexpected error occured

The extension failed due to an unexpected error. To fix this issue, please try the following list of possible solutions.

There is no specific fix for the unexpected error, since it cannot be determined what caused it. However, you can try the following common fixes, which could help you with this error. If you encounter any other errors or believe that you’re getting error even though you shouldn’t, these fixes can solve your issue too.

Refresh the current page

If you have a page open for a longer period of time, Google Chrome can invalidate the extension and stop all of it’s actions, which will cause it to crash. By refreshing the page, Chrome validates the extension again, which can solve issues cause by the extension invalidation.

Make sure that your browser has internet access

It is possible that the requests sent from the extension cannot be sent because of connection issues. By making sure that you can connect and access your Opinew dashboard, you will know that there is a valid connection between your extension and Opinew servers.

Make sure that your extension is activated for your shop.

This is the same fix as for the “User validation failed” error mentioned above. If you have multiple shops on Shopify, please also make sure that the extension is activated for the shop that you’re currently trying to access.

Try reinstalling the chrome extension

If everything else fails, you can try to remove the extension from chrome by going to the chrome://extensions/ page.

After you have removed the extension, you can install it again by clicking the button below.

If you have any further issues with your extension, please submit a support ticket and describe your issue and we will sort it out.

Updated on April 28, 2021

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