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How to import reviews in DSers

Opinew’s Chrome extension lets you quickly import Aliexpress reviews into your Shopify shop. This article will focus on how you can import your reviews through the DSers app.

Step 1: Get the Chrome Browser extension

Step 2: Activate the extension

Open the Opinew app in your Shopify dashboard. This will activate the extension.

Step 3: Open DSers

Inside your DSers dashboard, go to the My products page and select your Shopify store.

Refresh page if you encounter issues

If you don’t see the import reviews button under product cards. Try refreshing the My products page.

Step 4: Import reviews (Single Product or Bulk)

Single Product

Each of the products will have an “Import reviews” button. Click it to import reviews


Go to DSers “My products” page. Then click on the extension icon in Chrome navbar. Then click “Bulk Import”

Step 5: Modify, sync, or delete reviews

After you import reviews for a product the “Import reviews” button will change to a green “Reviews Imported” button. Clicking on this button will show a popup with information about the imported reviews. You can sync, modify or delete these reviews by clicking the buttons inside the popup.

If you happen to have any issues with the extension, feel free to contact our support center. For more information about extension troubleshooting, visit our article on Troubleshooting Chrome Extension issues.

Updated on August 28, 2023
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