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How To Migrate Reviews from Stamped.io to Opinew

Follow our quick guide to migrate reviews from Stamped.io to Opinew in no time.

Export reviews from Stamped.io

  • In Stamped.io’s dashboard: Go to User Contents section → Reviews → Select All
  • Use Filter to view and search for the reviews you would like to export. You can only download filtered reviews from Stamped.io by yourself

Note: If you would like to export all reviews from Stamped.io, please kindly send a request to hello@stamped.io and ask for their support to do so.

migrate reviews from stamped.io to Opinew
  • Once reviews are filtered, it will enable the Download button on the page. Simply click the button to download the CSV file

Note: If you would like to export more than 50 reviews, those reviews will be sent to your registered email address instead.

Export stamped.io reviews to Opinew

Migrate reviews from Stamped.io to Opinew

Watch our video tutorial below to quickly start migrating reviews from Stamped.io to Opinew.

Step 1: Once you downloaded the CSV file, go to the Opinew app and navigate to “Reviews > Import Reviews”.

Go to migrate reviews menu

Step 2: On the “Import Reviews” page, click on “Migration from other apps & CSV” to open the migration panel.

click on migration from other apps

Step 3: Select Stamped.io in the dropdown menu, then upload the CSV file you downloaded. Hit “Import” to complete your review migration from Stamped.io to Opinew.

migrate reviews from stamped.io

Please feel free to contact us via the Live Chat button inside the app, or send an email to support@opinew.com if you encounter any issues when importing reviews from Stamped.io Reviews & UGC App. We are happy to help you.

Updated on September 18, 2023
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