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How can I migrate reviews to Opinew from a custom CSV file?

If you used a different review system before installing Opinew, you can easily migrate reviews to Opinew. Using our custom CSV importer you only need to follow our template file to start uploading past reviews without using the structure of another major Shopify review app.

You will need a custom CSV file to import reviews only if you can’t find your previous review provider in the drop-down under “Other app”.

CSV Reviews File Structure

You can download our ready-to-upload template below in order to migrate reviews to Opinew quickly:

Structure and Required Values

The order of the columns is necessary to be exactly as follows, and every required value will be detailed in the list items; values without the ‘Required’ tag are optional and leaving them empty would be a valid value.

  • body (Required): String of text with the body of the review
  • rating (Required): Number with the rating of the review
  • review_date (Required): Date with the following format: 2021-03-25 22:54:53 UTC
    (Single digits are also valid: 2021-3-25)
  • state (Required): It must be one of two valid values: published / unpublished
  • reviewer_name (Required): String of text with the name of the author
  • reviewer_email: String of text with the email of the author
  • product_id (Required)*: Number with the Shopify id of the product
  • product_handle (Required)*: Shopify Product URL ending.
  • reply: String of text with the body of merchant reply to the review. It will show under the review.
  • reply_date: Date with the following format: 2021-03-25 22:54:53 UTC (Single digits are also valid: 2021-3-25)
  • picture_urls: This cell can be filled in two ways:
    • One single URL
    • Several URLs separated by commas
  • SKU (Required)*: Product’s SKU code
  • barcode (Required)*: Product’s barcode
  • region: ISO 639-1 country code (eg. us, fr)

* At least one of the following values is required to migrate reviews to Opinew: product_id, product_handle, SKU, and barcode.
You must have at least one for the reviews to be imported. Having more than one is not necessary but it doesn’t affect the import process.

Example of a Valid Custom CSV File Structure

Example for product_handle: 


The product handle is “mega-helmet”.

Example for one image URL: https://vrdev.storage.googleapis.com/Video/ba9268719cab777d36241ea87d843334.jpg

Example for several image URLs: https://vrdev.storage.googleapis.com/Video/ba9268719cab777d36241ea87d843334.jpgExample,https://vrdev.storage.googleapis.com/Video/ba9268719cab777d36241ea87d843334.jpgExample,https://vrdev.storage.googleapis.com/Video/ba9268719cab777d36241ea87d843334.jpg

Migrate reviews to Opinew from another Shopify app

Make sure you have Opinew installed on your Shopify store.

Step 1: Navigate to Reviews > Import Reviews

Go to migrate reviews menu

Step 2: On the “Import Reviews” page, click on “Migration from other apps & CSV” to open the migration panel.

click on migration from other apps

Step 3: Select “Custom File” and click the ‘Add File’ button.

migrate reviews to Opinew with custom file

Having issues when trying to migrate reviews to Opinew?

Reach out with the name of the provider & (if possible) a .csv file of your review data from them and your .myshopify.com domain name, for example: opinew.myshopify.com

You can contact us via email (support@opinew.com) or chat with us at the bottom right-hand side of your Opinew dashboard. We’ll get on processing your import right away & as long as you provide all the info we need, we try to get it done within 48 hours (though it’s often less).

When you migrate reviews to Opinew, we ask you to use only genuine reviews from your customers. People are quite good at spotting fake reviews and increasingly there are more consumer protection laws and court cases around those laws that may negatively impact your business: US fake reviews court case news articles, and FTC case documents.

Updated on October 12, 2023
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