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How to migrate reviews from Ryviu to Opinew?

Follow our quick guide to migrate reviews from Ryviu to Opinew in no time.

Export Reviews from Ryviu to a CSV file

You can easily migrate reviews from Ryviu Product Reviews App by following the steps below:

  • In the Ryviu dashboard: Go to Products → Product Manager
  • Choose the product you would like to export reviews, then click the “Export reviews” button to download the CSV file.

Note: You can select up to 20 products to export reviews at once

export Ryviu reviews

Migrate Reviews from Ryviu to Opinew

Watch our video tutorial below to quickly start migrating reviews from Ryviu to Opinew.

Step 1: Once you downloaded the CSV file, go to the Opinew app and navigate to “Reviews > Import Reviews”.

Go to migrate reviews menu

Step 2: On the “Import Reviews” page, click on “Migration from other apps & CSV” to open the migration panel.

click on migration from other apps

Step 3: Select “Ryviu” in the dropdown menu, then upload the CSV file you downloaded. Hit “Import” to complete your review migration from Ryviu to Opinew.

Migrate reviews from Ryviu to Opinew

Please feel free to contact us via the Live Chat button inside the app, or send an email to support@opinew.com if you encounter any issues when importing reviews from Ryviu Product Reviews App. We are happy to help you.

Check out our comparison guide between Opinew and Ryviu.

Updated on September 18, 2023

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