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How to add Opinew review stars and featured review for product in Klaviyo’s abandoned cart flow

Learn how to add a rating aggregate and a featured review to your abandoned cart emails dynamically.

Enable your Klaviyo Feed

Open your Opinew app, click ‘Integrations’, and select the Klaviyo card. Then enable the Klaviyo feed option and copy your feed URL.

Don’t forget to click ‘Save’ after copying your feed URL.

Add the Product Review Aggregate Feed

Navigate to your Data Feeds in Klaviyo and click ‘Add web feed’:

Add a new web feed using the info below:

Required name: opinew_klaviyo_feed

Feed URL: Your feed URL, paste this from your Opinew app.

Request Method: GET

Content-Type: JSON

Finally, click ‘Add data feed’.

Use the Data Feed in your Abandoned Cart Flow

Open your abandoned cart flow in Klaviyo and go to the email editor for your abandoned cart email.

Click the Data Feeds Settings button in the bottom right corner and select your new web feed – opinew_klaviyo_feed – then click save.

Adding Star Rating Under Product Title

Select the product block, where the products from the cart will populate. The example below is within the Shopify Abandoned Cart Reminder Flow.

On your left panel, select “Rows” > “Data Source” and confirm that you are using the correct “Row Collection” and “Row Alias”.

Row Collection: event.extra.line_items
Row Alias: item

On that same left panel, select “Column 2” > “Source” then paste the below snippet of code under an existing Quantity <p> tag.

{% with product=item.product %} {% with productId=item.product.id|slugify %} {% for value in feeds.opinew_klaviyo_feed.data %} {% if productId == value.id %}	
{% if value.review_number > 0 %}	
<table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" style="border:0;">	
			<td style="padding-top:2px;padding-right:2px"><img height="94" src="https://d3hw6dc1ow8pp2.cloudfront.net/emails/review/stars/stars-{% widthratio value.average_stars 1 10 %}-000000.png" style="height:14px;" /></td>	
			<p style="padding-top:1px;padding-left:2px;font-size:14px;">{{ value.average_stars }} stars from {{ value.review_number }} {% if value.review_number > 1 %} Reviews {% endif %}{% if value.review_number == 1 %} Review {% endif %}</p>	
{% endif %}	
{% if value.featured_review != None %}	
<p><i>'{{ value.featured_review }}'</i></p>	
{% endif %}	
{% endif %}{% endfor %}{% endwith %} {% endwith %}

You can click on ‘Preview’ to see how it will look like:

Note: you can also recreate this steps in all the email templates from flows triggered by shopify events that have this block:

Selecting a featured review for your product

Go to your product reviews page and select your product. There, click on the 3 do icon in the review you want to feature and click ‘Set as marketing featured review’ :

Then you will see a badge in your featured review for marketing.

That’s it! Save your template in Klaviyo, configure your abandoned cart flow, and don’t forget to set it to live to start using it.

Updated on February 9, 2022

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