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Ngan Pham
Ngan Pham

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Say goodbye to June and welcome July with the new integration between Opinew and LoyaltyLion. This is a perfect duo to bring their performance up together and prepare your Shopify store for Q4 to increase your chances of conversions.

LoyaltyLion is an award-winning Shopify loyalty provider, trusted by thousands of e-commerce merchants to increase customer retention and engagement.

Build your Loyalists and Encourage your customers to review with attractive rewards

Build strong loyalty programs with LoyaltyLion and Opinew

Building a loyalty plan requires two-way interaction between customers and merchants, which aims to change and further optimize the products/services of the business.

It is essential to make customers feel their meaning and value are worthy of what they have brought to the business with huge expenditures. Because of human nature, everyone needs to be recognized and appreciated for their worth.

As can be seen, LoyaltyLion is gradually changing the battle for customer care in the digital age with much more valuable experiences for customers.

A better customer shopping experience

With Opinew and LoyaltyLion, optimize your customers' shopping experience

Because of the policies and standards of accumulation, every time customers buy from your store, they will feel they are accumulating little by little for something bigger or will achieve something in the future.

It is thanks to that mentality that customers always feel happy when shopping. This kind of happiness will peak when they have accumulated enough points to redeem gifts or something like that.

We all want attention

A loyalty program will hit the deep psychology of customers that they also need attention. They won't say it out loud just to tell you. So recognize it for yourself and take care of your customers. Once they enjoy the treatment, they will stick with your business.

Tracking consumer behaviour

Thanks to loyalty programs, you can know what products customers will buy more or less when running a loyalty campaign. Not only that, but you can also see if the current loyalty program is suitable for customers to make changes and improvements as soon as possible.

Referral program on Shopify: still one of the best marketing techniques in 2021

Many studies have proven that Referral marketing is one of the best marketing methods for increasing conversion rates. It can be also called “word of mouth” marketing, which is when people buy based on the opinions and influences of others. This is a powerful marketing channel because many customers often trust the opinions of people they know such as family, friends, social media celebrities, or stars.

Opinew and LoyaltyLion: Track customers when they write a review on Shopify

Those apps are the best when working together, why?

Rewarding your customers is one of the best ways to get their reviews. LoyaltyLion's integration with Opinew will help you track users who left a review and automatically enrol them in your loyalty program set up on LoyaltyLion. This integration will open more opportunities to boost your Shopify store's performance and increase your customer's lifetime value!

To start the integration, you will need to install LoyaltyLion first. You can then follow this guide in our help centre to make sure the integration is set up properly on your Shopify store. You can also contact our customer support via live chat if you encounter any issues, we're available 24/7!

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