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How to use Opinew with PageFly Shopify theme builder

PageFly users can easily add our Opinew product reviews widget to their Shopify theme.

PageFly lets you use 5 of the Opinew review elements:

  • Review widget
  • All Store Reviews Widget
  • Product Review Stars
  • Collection Review Stars
  • Average Store Review Badge (for the footer for example)

To install Opinew code via PageFly:

Go to your PageFly template editor.

  1. Click on Add third party element
  2. Click on “Opinew Product Reviews” in “Reviews & Rating” category.
  3. Here you will see all the Opinew elements you can drag and drop into your PageFly templates
pagefly opinew integration

Review Widget, Product Stars – Use on **Product Page**

  • If you want to display reviews of one particular product on a non-product page in Shopify, please get in touch with Opinew support via Live Chat in the Opinew Dashboard.
  • Product stars when clicked will jump you to the review widget.

Collection Stars – Use on **Collection Pages**

  • Those stars are also a link to your product. When clicked your customer will be redirected to the product page.

All Reviews Widget, Average Stars Badges – Use on **Any Page**

All reviews widget is the same as the Review Widget but it shows ALL reviews from your shop in one place.

Average Stars Badges show the average rating of your shop. Most popular to drop it in the footer.

Updated on April 2, 2021
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