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How do I respond to a negative review?

Opinew review system has ways to help you deal with negative reviews. Our approach is to deal with them instead of deleting them. At Opinew we highly discourage deleting or hiding negative reviews like other review systems let you do. Actually the negative reviews can be extremely helpful to your business – more on that in this blog<link>.

3 ways to deal with negative reviews with Opinew

1. Review Comments/Responses

You can comment on any review but it comes handy especially for the negative ones. Go to Reviews > find your review > click “Comment”.

Comments show your side of the argument. They are your chance to show off your customer service – respond in a calm, understanding, and professional way and you will win more customers than you would with 5 star reviews or any trust badges. That’s because you will show everybody that even if something goes wrong with their order, you will help them, they can trust you. Your responses will be seen by lots of your customers since very often when people browse reviews they check the negative ones.

2. Opinew negative reviews resolution system

If you meet certain criteria, Opinew can also show a special message in green above the reviews on the widget.

We display the green bar messages when:

  • Shop refunded or replaced the product. We detect that automatically for you.
  • You can do it manually too. Go to Reviews > find your review > click “Resolve”. Then type your resolution message. The green bar message will show on top of the review.
    • Customer will get an email notification and if they don’t click the “not resolved” button within 24h, the green bar message will stay up.

3. Automatic profanity filters

We know there some people that are offensive and just can’t be reasoned with. We’ve got your back. If there is a review with offensive words, we hide it.

If you’d like to go further, we’ve also written a detailed guide on how to reply to negative reviews with examples.

Updated on September 18, 2023
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