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How to share reviews between products

In Opinew you can link products into groups and those products will share reviews with each other.

If you have a blue car and a red car and link them, when somebody leaves a review on the blue car, that review will also appear on the red car (and vice versa). The same goes for imported reviews.

Read through our step-by-step guide, or watch our video below in order to start sharing reviews between products.

Step 1: Head over to “More > Link Products

Step 2: Press the “Create a group” button

Create a group of products to share reviews

Step 3: Add a name in the “Group name” field

Add a group name to link products

Step 4: Select the products you want to group from the list displayed

Step 5: Finally, press the “Create” button.

Updated on September 18, 2023
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