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Klaviyo – Troubleshooting

Having troubles with Opinew’s Klaviyo integration?

Check out this common problems and how to solve them:

Opinew Activation profile is not displaying

How to solve it: Your profiles section in Klaviyo takes a while to update. Give it a few minutes and then check again to see if the integration was successful. If not, see if your API keys are correctly placed and if you have not made any typos or spelling mistakes. After that click on the ‘Save’ button again and check if the Opinew activation profile is displaying.

Profiles are not displaying

How to solve it: If your integration was successful but once reviews start coming you can’t see the reviewer profiles, you can double-check your API keys. If the problem is with review requests, remember you’ll be able to see the ‘Eligible for review request’ property in the customer profile located in your Klaviyo Profiles section. This property will be indicated on the date of request sending you can check on Opinew’s review requests page. (Scheduled for column).

Profiles are not added to my custom list

How to solve it: Check if you added the correct List ID from Klaviyo, or if you made any typos. Making sure your list has the Single opt-in option selected in the Opt-in Process section is a good idea as well. You can see that in your list settings.

Email flows are not sending

How to solve it: In most cases email flows are not working because after setting one up, the ‘Live’ option in the email is not properly set.

You can also disable the ‘Smart Sending’ option that can cause some emails to be prevented from being sent.

Finally, if you have a great set of filters and conditional splits in your flow, make sure none of them can affect the email-sending behaviour.

If you still have any problems, we’ll be happy to assist you via customer support.

Updated on April 18, 2024
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