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How to integrate with smile.io

In Opinew, you can integrate along with smile.io to reward your customers when they write a new review on your shop.

Here’s how to do it:

Connect Opinew and smile.io

Go to your smile.io dashboard and head to Settings -> Platform

Then click on Show more and click on the button to copy your private key.

Once copied, back in Opinew go to Integrations and select the smile.io card.

Enable the switch and paste your private token on the first field:

Now we need to create a custom activity on smile.io

Create custom activity and get activity token

In smile.io go to Settings -> Developer tools

There, select Build my first custom activity if you don’t have one yet and set the names before and after the activity is completed. Here’s an example:

Once you click Save the following info will display. This is your custom activity token:

Copy it, paste it back in Opinew and click Save.

Finally, we need to create a way to earn points for your reviewers. Go to smile.io and select Programs -> Points -> Add ways to earn

There, scroll down and on the Custom actions section select the one we just created:

Set how many points you want to reward your reviewers with, set it to active and click on Create:

And that’s it! Now your customers will receive reward points each time they leave a review. If active on smile.io, your customers will receive an email every time they receive a reward. You can check your customers’ reward activity on the Customers section in smile.io

Updated on October 10, 2022

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