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How Review Requests Work

Opinew Gives you 3 ways to automatically request reviews from customers that ordered and provide you with a constant stream of verified reviews. (Verified vs Unverified)

The first 2 ways to automatically request reviews are Emails and SMS sent post purchase. The 3rd way to request reviews is via Printed review requests – you can print a QR code and slip it into the packaging.

This is how the workflow looks like when your orders are coming in:

1. Order Fulfilled Review Requests

We schedule review request to be sent as per time delay settings you set. You can choose if you want SMS to be sent in settings. By default we send only email.

2. Review Request Sent

Customer gets an e-mail (and SMS if enabled).

Sending a 2nd reminder email option is available in settings, if customers don’t open the first email request and you want to urge them a bit more.

3. Review Written

Customer writes a review. After completing review for the 1st item in the order, they can keep reviewing or finish.

Customers will also see a coupon offer in the email if they were eligible. You can create coupons and set eligibility criteria in the Coupons menu.

4. Thank You Page Shown

Thank you page appears. You can customize it in templates. If eligible for a coupon we will show your customer the coupon code on that page.

5. Coupon Email Sent

If eligible for a coupon, we additionally send an email with the coupon code. Customizable in templates menu.

Updated on September 16, 2021
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