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Using Aftership to schedule review requests after delivery


If you use Aftership to track your deliveries, you can integrate it with Opinew to schedule review requests to be sent AFTER the order is delivered. Without the integration the requests would be sent after you fulfill the order, so not ideal if your delivery times vary from order to order.

To set up the integration:

  1. Get your aftership API key from https://admin.aftership.com/settings/api-keys

2. Inside Opinew Admin, go to Extra and Integrations > Integrations >Aftership, switch it to enabled, and paste the API key you got from Aftership.

3. Select the number of days to wait after delivery before we should send your customer a review request email or SMS.

3. Click Save and you’re good to go!


In case your order is not going through aftership our system will use the default delay settings you set in settings>review requests.

Updated on June 21, 2022

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