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What are verified and unverified reviews on Opinew?

Unverified Reviews

Reviews that you got from customers that left them using the widget on your product page you imported

Imported reviews. Some of the imported reviews will show the “Verified” badge since they had that badge on the original site (Amazon/Aliexpress/Ebay) but internally we treat them as unverified reviews, so all the actions like unpublishing available for Unverified reviews still apply to those

Actions available for unverified reviews:

  • Unpublish via a button on the review card in admin panel
  • Settings “Review Publishing” option can be set to “Shop Owner” which will make you approve every unverified review that comes in.

Verified Reviews

Reviews that were left post-purchase from the review request email that we sent to your customer.

Verified Reviews Always get posted unless they contain profanity or are 2 stars and lower. Then we hide them indefinitely to let you handle the negative review.

Updated on May 6, 2022

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