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What are verified and unverified reviews on Opinew?

Verified Reviews

Verified reviews are only reviews that were left post-purchase from the review request email or SMS that we sent through Opinew to your customers, and that is linked to an order.

How Do We Confirm Reviewer’s Identity

Although we can identify the email of your customer and link the review request email or SMS to an order placed in your store, we will still require them to confirm their identity via email. Your customer will automatically receive an email after leaving their review.

Action Available for Verified Reviews

A verified review will automatically get posted unless:

  • it contains profanity,
  • or if the rating is 2 stars or lower.

In that case, we will hide the review indefinitely to let you handle the negative review with your support team.

Unverified Reviews

Unverified reviews are reviews that were left on your product page widget using the “write review” button, using a manual review link, or any reviews imported from other platforms.

Use Cases

We treat reviews as “unverified” when Opinew cannot retrieve your customer’s information. There are 3 use cases where that happens:

  • Reviews left on your product review widget: Since anyone can browse your Shopify store’s product pages, they can also leave reviews without having bought your products, so any reviews left on a widget will be considered unverified.
  • Using a manual review link: If you happen to use Opinew’s manual review links to request reviews from your customers through social media or direct messages, any reviews left will be considered “unverified” until you or the reviewer confirms their email and identity.
  • Imported reviews: Even though some of the imported reviews will show a “verified” badge since they had that badge on the original site (Amazon, AliExpress or eBay), all of them will be considered “unverified” reviews.

How Do We Confirm Reviewer’s Identity

Any unverified reviewer will receive an email to confirm their identity and email. You will need to configure in the settings whether you want the review as soon as they confirm their identity, or if you prefer to manually review it before it gets published.

Actions Available for Unverified Reviews

To ensure your Shopify store is safe from unwanted spammers and bad actors and to ensure the integrity of your reviews, we let you take action on unverified reviews.

Unpublish reviews

Unverified reviews can be unpublished quickly via a button on the review card in the manage reviews panel.

Set all unverified reviews as unpublished by default

In Account > General, scroll down to “Unverified Review Publishing“.

You will have 2 different options:

  • Customer: this will publish the review on your widgets if the customer confirms their email after submitting their review. You will still be able to unpublish them.
  • Shop Owner: this option will let you manually confirm every new unverified review left before it gets published.
Updated on July 25, 2023
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