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How To Add Reviews to Zipify Pages with Opinew

Whether you are looking to build a new landing page, a new homepage, or update the design of your product pages with Zipify, you can now add Opinew reviews to Zipify pages.

Zipify is a Shopify page builder that allows you to build high-converting sales funnels, product & landing pages faster.

Step 1: Install both apps

Install Zipify >

Install Opinew >

Step 2: Import reviews to your Shopify store

Import reviews in one click and in bulk to your Shopify products using Opinew’s advanced import features from any sources.

Step 3: Create a new page on Zipify

Opinew Reviews to Zipify - Create new page

Open Zipify and create a new page (it can be a landing page, product page, or homepage), or edit the current Zipify page you have already created.

Step 4: Add Opinew’s block

Opinew Reviews to Zipify

On Zipify’s editor, click on the “+” icon to add a new block to your page, and locate Opinew at the bottom, under “plugins”.

Step 5: Configure which reviews to send to Zipify

Opinew Reviews to Zipify - Select which product

After the block is successfully added, click on it to open the plugin editor and choose the product you would like to display reviews for.

Step 6: Final check

Opinew Reviews to Zipify - Live preview

Save your page and click on the preview to make sure Opinew’s product review widget is displaying correctly.

If you’re looking to edit your widget’s design, you will need to go back to Opinew and configure it properly

Updated on May 20, 2022

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