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How to add reviews to Replo

If you are looking to add reviews to Replo, follow our tutorial to easily add review widgets to Replo using liquid components.


Opinew Product Reviews installed on your store, and ideally with reviews already on your products.

Replo Landing Page Designer installed on your store.

Add Star Ratings to Replo

Open Replo, and create a new product page or edit your current product page created in Replo. 

Create a new product page in Replo

Open the component tab, and search for the liquid component. 

Drag & drop the liquid component to the location of your choice on your page. For product stars, we usually recommend placing them right under your product’s name or above the price. 

Open the Config tab and “Launch the code editor” on the right sidebar. 

Copy and paste the liquid code on this page or below and hit “Save code”.

<div id='opinew-stars-plugin-product'>{% render 'opinew_review_stars_product' product:product %}</div>

If you can’t see it live in the editor, click to preview the page. Once you’re happy with it, hit publish. 

If you’re looking to customise the colour or the display of the stars, you will need to head back to Opinew’s dashboard > Widgets > Product & Collection Stars.

Add Opinew’s Main Product Review Widget to Replo

On the same page, create a new container, and add a new liquid component inside of it.

Copy and paste the liquid code below and hit “Save code”.

<div style="clear:both;"></div><div id="opinew-reviews-product-page-code" class="">
                <span id="opinew-plugin" data-server-address="https://www.opinew.com" data-opw-prodreviews="{{ product.metafields.opinew_metafields['product_plugin'] }}" data-opinew-shop-id="{{ shop.id }}" data-shop-url="{{shop.domain}}" data-platform-product-id="{{product.id}}">
                 <span id="opinew_product_plugin_app"></span>

Once you hit publish, you will be able to see the product review widget on your live product page.

If you notice that the widget goes out of the window like in the picture below, follow these 2 simple steps:

First, set the Width to “Fill Available Width”.

Finally, set the margin-left and margin-right to 20px.

Now the Opinew widget should display correctly on your live Shopify store.

If you happen to have any issues while trying to add reviews to Replo, feel free to contact our support team via live chat.

Updated on March 21, 2023
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