Top 8 Oberlo Alternatives for Your Dropshipping Business

Rémi Drogoul
Rémi Drogoul

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Do you want to skyrocket the growth of your dropshipping business? Then, start leveraging the power of dropshipping tools.

The e-commerce boom has created intense pressure over the shoulders of online retailers. Many dropshipping business owners are stuck in the loop of finding a winning product. This process may take a whole lot of time. A great dropshipping tool can help you find the best products that are worth selling.

Also, good dropshipping tools help automate every stage of the sales process. It can also unload the baggage of all operational concerns, allowing you to focus majorly on the marketing tactics of the business.

We have to say, Oberlo is one of the top-rated dropshipping tools. Shopify store owners who use AliExpress for product sourcing probably have interacted with Oberlo at least once. With the help of Oberlo, dropshipper directly imports the product images, descriptions, and other important information directly to their Shopify stores in a snap.

However, there is a huge need for alternatives now. Why? Let’s see.

Why Should You Need An Oberlo Alternative?

In 2015, Oberlo fulfilled the market gap of finding and integrating premium quality products into your store. Due to this, it caught the attention of every dropshipper. As time went by, it became one of the most popular dropshipping apps only for Shopify store owners.

But on May 12, 2022,  Shopify delisted the app from its store so sellers went haywire and started searching for Oberlo alternatives for their dropshipping businesses. Users who already have an account with Oberlo could access it until June 15.

Although, there was no solid reason provided by the app owner for setting it out of service. They gave an unclear statement that goes like this: “This product deprecation, which is a routine occurrence, is in pursuit of providing merchants with the best solutions to reach their customers wherever they are.”

Afterwards, Shopify immediately transitioned to a solution developed by its trusted partner DSers for Shopify store owners. Oberlo and DSers worked together to provide a migration tool which helps all Oberlo users automatically import their previous data from Oberlo to DSers in a few clicks.

Apart from this breaking event in the dropshipping industry, sellers still need Oberlo alternatives because of its certain drawbacks:

  • Only compatible with Shopify
  • Only 2 pricing options are available
  • Use only AliExpress for product sourcing
  • Same product offering to all sellers

Here’s the list of alternatives for the best two dropshipping online platforms, Shopify and WooComerce.

Best Oberlo Alternatives For Shopify

The 4 most popular Oberlo alternatives for Shopify are listed below:


DSers is a leading e-commerce service provider company and the best alternative to Oberlo in the e-commerce market. Moreover, DSers has officially partnered up with AliExpress to provide a strong interface. The app dedicates to providing  24*7 customer support for its users. So for all drop shippers, DSers is a one-stop solution.

Oberlo Alternative #1 - Dsers

With DSers, you can place bulk orders to AliExpress with just a few clicks which saves a lot of time for you. Also, it offers multiple store management. You can manage various stores like Shopify, WooCommerce, and Wix - all from one app.

Oberlo also partnered up with DSers to create better dropshipping services for users and encouraged its user to port their data to DSers. It means that the giant dropshipping company Oberlo trusts DSers when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Some of the most erratic features listed below will leave you no option other than DSer and those are:

  • Manage Shopify, WooCommerce, and Wix stores all from one app
  • Easily map multiple suppliers to one product variant to create unique offers
  • Create unique AliExpress product offers to increase your profit
  • Auto update of stock orders from AliExpress to DSers and your store
  • Manage all your imported products in one place
  • Auto sync order tracking number to your store and PayPal
  • Calculates product pricing automatically
  • Filter the most reliable suppliers in one click
  • Auto update order status
  • Place bulk order at once


Importify is a dropshipping app that can import products to your online store from AliExpress, Amazon, Alibaba, Etsy, Walmart, DHgate, and many other supported sites.

Oberlo Alternative #2 - Importify

It easily automates daily tasks like importing products and fulfilling orders in just a few clicks. Importify also has a built-in editor for product descriptions, titles, tags, prices, categories, etc. Plus, it supports a variety of platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, and Jumpseller.

Below are some of the best features of Importify:

  • Allows you to spy on other Shopify stores and find best-selling products
  • Import products in one click from 30+ top dropshipping suppliers.
  • Create pricing rules before importing and quickly adjust prices for sales
  • Automate your orders by placing your customer address on the checkout page
  • Replace your product vendor with a new one and connect them to your store
  • Allows you to split variants into separate products
  • Import products from other Shopify stores to your own Shopify store.


Modalyst is a web-based platform for e-commerce businesses to manage, create, and grow their e-commerce brand. With Modalyst it is easy to find fast shipping suppliers across the USA, Europe, and China.

Oberlo Alternative #3 - Modalyst

It has served over 350k e-commerce stores throughout the globe and offers the largest catalogue for premium quality products. Moreover, Modalyst has connected with over 500 e-commerce stores that offer the best in fashion and apparel options.

Not only this but with the change in trends, you can easily add new products to your store without any hassle.

Let’s take a look at some of the best features of Modalyst:

  • The product catalogue contains millions of trendy products from global brands
  • Communicate with the supplier within the Modalyst app
  • Automatically updates the shipping status
  • Manage orders, conversations, lists, and payments all in one centralized place
  • Automatic notifications for low inventory levels to save from running out of stock
  • Product lists can be easily exported to different e-commerce platforms including Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Shopify, Wix, and so on.


Spreadr is a dropshipping tool basically designed to import Amazon products to your store and promote them as an affiliate. If any sale happens through your store, you will get a commission for each sale.

Oberlo Alternative #4 - Spreadr

It’s a one-click solution to import Amazon products to your store. Not only does it support Shopify but also WooCommerce and BigCommerce.

Some of its best features include:

  • Easily import Amazon products to your store by using the official Amazon API
  • Provides you consistent store user interface after importing the products
  • Keep an easy track of orders and commissions directly from the dashboard
  • No intermediary cost. You keep 100% of your commissions
  • If somehow the app gets deleted, imported products remain connected to Amazon

Best Oberlo Alternatives For WooCommerce

The 4 best Oberlo alternatives for WooCommerce are given below: is a dropshipping tool that can curate best-selling or quality products for your WordPress or WooCommerce store. These products have highly optimized images and descriptions.

Oberlo Alternative #5 -

It has over 50k+ products hand-picked by experts. Therefore, the possibility of generating high revenue and sales increases. Also, it comes with real customer reviews which in turn makes your product more credible in customers’ eyes.

The main features of are:

  • Highly trusted suppliers filtered through 23 conditions successfully
  • Along with WordPress, it supports WooCommerce and AliDropship too
  • Quickly import a number of products to your store
  • Automatically apply the suggested price markup in one click
  • One-time payment only. No monthly cost.
  • Great search tools to filter best-rated, selling, price, and so on products


WooDropship is a WordPress plugin that helps you start, manage, and scale your dropshipping business. It helps you sell AliExpress products on the WordPress site easily.

Oberlo Alternative #6 - Woodropship

It offers a Google Chrome extension that makes adding AliExpress products to your store easy. This plugin comes with a lot of features that can increase your business revenue in no time. Some of them are listed below:

  • Easily map variants from different products into one product
  • Product synchronization for up-to-date pricing and inventory information
  • Separates out products that only offer packet delivery options
  • Provides priority customer service
  • One-click solution for product imports, automated order processing, inventory, and price updates


Dropified is also one of the best alternatives for Oberlo. It is a dropshipping app that helps dropshipper source amazing products and automates every part of the sales funnel. It saves you time and makes you earn a living online.

Oberlo Alternative #7 - Dropified

Dropified easily integrates with BigCommerce, WooCmmerce, CommerceHQ. GrooveKart, and Shopify too. It also provides a variety of options to source amazing products from AliExpress, AliBaba, and eBay for your e-commerce store.

Some of the amazing features of Dropified are listed below:

  • Provides quick profit statistics to view your profits
  • Add orders to your store in no time
  • Place multiple orders to AliBaba and AliExpress in one click
  • In addition to your store, you can also list products on Facebook Marketplace
  • Easily track, manage, and customize orders
  • Get notified of cost change management and inventory changes


Beeketing is an AI-powered dropshipping app to help businesses keep track of customers’ behaviour and turn them into loyal customers.

Oberlo Alternative #8 - Beekeeping

It’s a powerful WooCommerce extension with over 32000 merchants online. Moreover, with 450k+ downloads.

It has a responsive UX/UI design for both customers and users. Therefore, the customers get hooked on the store for a longer period. Not only this, its data-driven approach helps you create a real-time report that later helps in analyzing and optimizing campaigns.

Below are some of its best features listed:

  • Using product bundles and discounts, upselling and cross-selling are simple.
  • Automatic sales pop notification when an order is completed
  • Provides a sales countdown timer to evoke urgency
  • Offer advanced customer segmentation for email marketing campaigns
  • Allows you to provide freebies, coupon codes, and discounts to increase the checkout rate

Final Words

These are some of the manually chosen alternatives for both Shopify and WooCommerce. Undoubtedly, dropshipping apps help you generate more profit when used properly. Just choose the one that fulfils your e-commerce store's needs and use it ruthlessly. You will see a huge chunk of money rolling in.
Also, if you're looking to increase social proof for your dropshipping Shopify store, have a look at our guide to import reviews on Shopify.


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