Weekly Round-Up of Ecommerce News (February 2023)

Weekly round-up of the latest news in eCommerce and Shopify, including Tips, Guides, and Industry Reports. Read the eCommerce blogs that help you grow your store here.

Ngan Pham
Ngan Pham

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A weekly round-up of what's happening in the Ecommerce industry around the world. Here you can also find Tips, Guides, and Industry Reports, everything you might want to know specifically about Shopify, and links to the articles that are relevant to you.

February 2023

Week 3

News And Updates

Work Shift: How Shopify Culled 320,000 Hours of Meetings

Five Minutes With...Shopify HR Chief Tia Silas...

First Up Is ‘Retail Shakeup: How AI Is Driving Growth In Fashion Retail’ Hosted By Shopify

Learn how advances in AI tech are driving exciting new experiences using deep learning, computer vision, and 3D. Seats are limited, so register today to guarantee your place!

The Shopify Costs At A Glance

Shopify is extremely easy to use and gives you the flexibility to decide what features you need. Depending on the pricing plan, your shop can be expanded almost indefinitely in order to support and optimize your shop and your processes in the best possible way.

Everything You Need to Know About Upgrading From Checkout.liquid to Checkout Extensibility on Shopify Plus

This article will cover why Shopify is making this change, what the implications are for you, how checkout customisations can be made using Checkout Extensibility instead, and how Swanky can help.

LinkedIn Marketing for Shopify

LinkedIn as a platform isn’t usually the first choice for most Shopify business owners, but depending on your product offering, it can certainly be a great platform to drive interest, leads and revenue for your business.

How To Calculate And Increase Customer Lifetime Value On Shopify?

While creating a great customer experience has always been important, it’s never been easier. However, many businesses still haven’t figured out how to best take advantage of this opportunity.

Week 2

News And Updates

Shopify’s Winter '23 Edition Introduces 100+ Product Updates That Keep Merchants On The Cutting Edge

New releases include the next version of the Shop app, a new one-page checkout, and up to 25% better conversion for SFN merchants with the Shop Promise badge

Shipping Address Flexibility For B2B Buyers

Buyers with this setting turned on can modify the shipping address to place a dropshipping order or send the order to a location not attached to their account without requiring the manual intervention of your team.

Shopify Launches A Customer Self-serve Returns Feature

Shopify launched customer self-serve returns—a free tool to help merchants simplify the returns process, delight customers, and increase repeat purchases.

Shopify Is Launching ‘One-Page’ Checkout And New Shop App Updates

Shopify’s latest update includes a significant overhaul to its checkout pages that aims to provide a more streamlined user experience, including a “one-page” checkout and code-free ways to offer functions like loyalty memberships, add-ons, or ID verifications.

Good Reads

7 Salesforce Integrations For Business Transformation In 2023

In this digital era, businesses are well-versed in the revenue-generating potential of data. The struggle here is to employ this data for higher insights, greater productivity, and efficient operations.

SEO: The Process That Affects the Visibility of a Website The Most

In this digital era, businesses are well-versed in the revenue-generating potential of data. The struggle is to employ this data for more significant insights, productivity, and efficient operations.

The Power Of Metafields: Real-World Examples To Optimize Your E-Commerce Store

Metafields are a versatile and powerful tool for e-commerce businesses using Shopify.

#EcomInsights: How To Increase Retention With Custom Loyalty Programs

Welcome to #EcomInsights, the series where we speak to the industry’s best-known tech tools and platforms about how brands can tackle challenges facing the ecommerce industry.

Week 1 

News And Updates

Optimistic, Excited, Resilient AF: Shopify Data Shows How Far Black Entrepreneurs Have Come – And The Barriers They Still Face

Black business owners say they’re poised for growth despite lack of access to capital and mentorship, Shopify data reveals ...

Now Launched: New Customer Accounts

Creating a customer account is also hassle-free. Once you set up new customer accounts, any customer who has already made a purchase can log in and manage their account.

Shopify Collabs Users Can Now Directly Invite Creators To Join A Community

You can now quickly and easily bulk-invite creators to work with you on Shopify Collabs, helping you keep and manage your community of creators all in one place.

SMS Order Confirmation Available Only For Certain Countries

These changes will reduce duplicate notifications, simplify notification management, and prevent spam and fraud, while powering partners to deliver custom SMS notifications that can be tailored to suit merchants.

Good Reads

Glossier and Supreme Relaunch eCommerce Stores on Shopify Plus

Despite the outlook for next year (and beyond) continuing to look a bit rocky for eCommerce sales, we do know that technology is here to stay, and it will have a significant impact on the Shopify merchant community.

What Is Structured Data (Schema Markup) On Shopify?

Adding structured data to your Shopify store helps provide explicit clues about the meaning of a page to search engines.

11 Beer Ecommerce Stores Brewed on Shopify

We’ve rounded up a list of beer ecommerce brands leveraging Shopify and its integrations to serve up crisp store designs and refreshingly unique customer experiences.


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