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How to invite team members to your Opinew dashboard

Opinew allows you invite team members to join your dashboard and help you manage your reviews. Invited team members will have full access to your Opinew dashboard (except for My Users page). To invite and manage your team members follow the steps below:

1.- Invite new members to your account

First, in your Opinew dashboard go to Account -> My Users. This will take you to the My Users page.

If you have no invited users, you will see a Add new user button in the middle of the screen, click it, fill in the email address of the user that you wish to invite and click the Invite button.

Once the user is invited, they will receive an email asking them to join your Opinew dashboard. The invited user can then follow the instructions in the email to setup their Opinew account and join your dashboard.

Invitation email sent to invited users

2.- Manage your account users

Once you have sent your first invitation, your My Users page will show a list of your invited team members.

From here, you can see the status of the invitation (pending/active), add additional team members by clicking the Add new user button in the top right corner and remove access rights from existing team members by clicking on trash can icon.

That’s it, you can now easily manage your team members and allow your team to access you Opinew dashboard.

3.- How to log in as account user

Read the guide below

Updated on June 26, 2023
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