Top 10 Essential Shopify Apps 2018

Shopify Aug 27, 2018

Here are 10 apps that are a must have for Shopify merchants to help with managing the shop and making those sales. I picked optimized ones that will help you keep fast load times and I also asked merchants who run successful Shopify shops for their opinion. Not all of the apps are free but they are definitely good.

CrushPics - Optimizing and reducing the size of images to speed up load times. Automatically optimizes all of your product images, etc. Click here to view pricing info.

Crush Pics

Opinew Product Reviews - Every successful store needs a good review system. Opinew is a good way to improve your SEO and conversion rates. It includes post purchase emails, photos, verified reviews, imports reviews from Ali, Amazon, Ebay and more. And lastly, it won't slop down your store. Free trial available. Click here to view pricing info.


Plug in SEO - Checking your SEO score and issues. It will generate a report for you outlining what are your SEO problems and how to solve them. Click here to view pricing info.


Abandonment Protector  - Abandoned Cart Recovery. Most of all simple to use. Doesn't have a limit of subscribers. Easy to set up pop-ups and emails with a drag and drop editor. Click here to view pricing info.


MailChimp for Shopify  - Mailchimp Integration for anything newsletter and email marketing related. Click here to view pricing info.


MassFulfil  - Fulfil orders/update tracking codes via csv. Click here to view pricing info.


Bold Multi Currency  - Shows product in users local currency. Automatically syncs with real-time currency databases. Click here to view pricing info.


Shipstation  - Integrates with suppliers so they can fulfil orders. It also includes a free USPS Postage accounts (a $16/month value); Supports Amazon fulfillment. Click here to view pricing info.


Zendesk  - The Customer Support part is great, but don’t install their knowledge base or live chat because they will slow down your shop. Click here  to view pricing info


Messenger  - An official app built by Shopify, it connects your store to Facebook Messenger’s 1.3 billion users. Almost everybody has messenger so it’s a no brainer to use this app as live chat. But it can do a lot more actually. Messenger lets you send order notifications to your customers and it has a “Shop Now” feature that lets customers buy your products directly from the FB messenger. Click here  to view pricing info


We have a separate list of essential apps specifically for dropshippers
Top Shopify Apps for Dropshipping 2018


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