eCommerce merchants, agencies, developers & experts, it's time to get excited for Shopify Unite 2021!
Just hours away, we can't wait to see what Shopify has in store for us and what awesome new features they will be announcing!

Introducing Shopify Unite 2021

Shopify Unite is an annual event organized by Shopify for a worldwide community of developers, filled with announcements and new features that are shaping the future of eCommerce every year.

We will be covering everything related to Shopify Unite 2021 on this blog article and we will update it as soon as news arrive!

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New features announced at Shopify Unite 2021

Online Store 2.0:

Themes & Editors

  • Themes become entirely modular. Add reusable sections & blocks to every single pages of your Shopify store and make your store shine to your liking!
  • Metafields everywhere! Store any types of metafields directly inside your Shopify store admin panel.

Store Content

  • New content management platform working hands in hands with the recently announced metafields

Developer Tooling

  • New Theme App Extension: Apps can add their own blocks without touching the theme's code.
  • New Open-Source Shopify Theme: Dawn, including all features introduced in Online Store 2.0
  • Connect with Github seamlessly. Load your theme instantly directly within Shopify's dashboard.
  • Storefront API gets new features: Location-based currency, custom selling plans
  • Cart added to the storefront API

Checkout Extensions

  • Build custom apps for checkout. Improve user's UX & UI on the checkout page.
  • Post-purchase checkout extensions are available.

Partners / App Developers

  • The Shopify App Store now offers more personalized and curated experiences. App developers can expect new features coming soon related to building creatives / Shopify ads and reaching the right audience.
  • It's now possible to manage app refunds and view app billing & payouts in the partner dashboard.
  • The first 1,000,000$ is free or revenue share, resetting every year. App developers who make more than 1,000,000 will see their the revenue share drop from 20% to 15%.
  • New docs have been released, along with hundred of tutorials for building apps on Shopify.