Weekly Round-Up of Ecommerce News (April 2022)

News Apr 13, 2022

A weekly round-up of what's happening in the Ecommerce industry around the world. Here you can also find Tips, Guides, and Industry Reports, everything you might want to know specifically about Shopify, and links to the articles that are relevant to you.

April 2022

Week 3

News And Updates

Fight Back With Shopify Protect, Shop Pay's Free Fraud Protection

With Shopify Protect, merchants can now stop worrying about fraud on eligible orders on Shop Pay, as Shopify will cover the cost of the order and any chargeback fee. By the end of May, Shopify Protect will be available to all eligible US-based Shopify stores with Shop Pay active.

Make Your Next Idea Your Best One With Shopify Creator

Shopify can help you turn followers into customers. With Shopify, Creators can now discover products, build a brand, reach their customers, and sell directly from social media.

Shopify's Most Used Chat App Inbox Is Connected To Instagram

Inbox is a most used chat app by Shopify that connects merchants to shoppers everywhere through chat and drive sales - for Free. Now merchants can talk with customers and sell over online store chat, Instagram, and Facebook–all from Shopify Inbox.

Good Reads

6 Benefits of Content Marketing for Your Ecommerce Business

Curious how content marketing could benefit your Ecommerce brand? Swanky Agency team compiled six advantages of implementing a sound content marketing strategy into your business operations, from boosting conversions to building brand awareness.

How to 10X Your Facebook Sales (11 Strategies for Brands)

Standing out on Facebook and making regular sales is a challenge for retailers. Find out 11 strategies  to maximize your Facebook sales strategy and 4 tools to help you make more sales with Hootsuite in their newest blog article above.

Voice Commerce: What You Need to Know in 2022

Voice Commerce - have you ever heard about it? It's the ability to search, find, and purchase an online product using only your voice. In this article, our friend at BlendCommerce will tell you exactly what voice commerce is, why it’s important, and exactly how to implement voice commerce for your Shopify store.

How Many Shopify Apps Should I Have On My Online Store?

With over 6,000 apps on the Shopify App Store, it can be hard to know how many your business actually needs. Kubik Media team shared an article about the difference between front-end and back-end style apps, and what to do to keep your on top of your app spending.

The Future of Commerce: Adapting to the New Digital Landscape

With the rise in Ecommerce, it can be difficult for businesses to break into the marketplace. Eastside Co team has broken down these concerns to provide insight into how you can navigate a crowded digital space.

Week 2

News And Updates

Shopify Acquired Influencer Marketing Startup Dovetale

Leading ecommerce platform Shopify has acquired Dovetale, an influencer marketing startup from New York. It is part of Shopify’s move into the influencer market.

BoldCommerce Was Recognized As Shopify Plus Certified App

BoldCommerce announced that it has been named a Shopify Plus Certified App Partner for subscriptions. Its integration with Shopify enables larger Shopify merchants to create subscription experiences that accelerate revenue growth.

Amazon Sellers Face 5% Fuel And Inflation Surcharge To Offset Rising Costs

Amazon is taking a step to offset its rising costs by adding a 5% “fuel and inflation surcharge” to the fees it charges third-party sellers who use its fulfillment services.

Shopify Plus Teamed Up With Opimising To Reach Greater SEO Results

Shopify has finalised a partnership with independent agency Optimising as a preferred SEO vendor for its Shopify Plus Partner Program after a rigorous screening process.

Good Reads

Moving from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 on Shopify

Google will be sunsetting Universal Analytics (UA) in the summer of 2023, and Google Analytics 4 (GA4) will become the go-to analytics solution, leveraging a completely revamped data model to “address evolving measurement standards and help businesses succeed”.

Keyword Research for Ecommerce: A Beginner's Guide

The ultimate goal is to build a relevant list of keywords that you can refer back to and use as you build and optimize your site, write your product descriptions, and craft your blog posts - from Shopify.

How to Optimise Your Ecommerce Product Descriptions & Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

How do you write a product description effectively? Our friend at Mindful Commerce shared the basics of optimizing product description to increase traffic and drive conversions while maximizing your positive impact on the planet.

7 Ways to Use Reviews in Your Branding

Far from being confined to review platforms and product pages, reviews can - and should - be used to strengthen your image at every possible touchpoint. Here’s seven ideas on how to make review content a core part of your branding.

Week 1

News And Updates

Google Expands Trust Store Badge To Free Shopping Listings

Google announced its expansion of the Trust Store badge to Free Shopping Listings. The Trusted Store badge will be available to brands based on their Shopping Experience Scorecard.

Over 24k Ecommerce Businesses Were Started In The UK Last Year

Over 24,000 ecommerce businesses were started in the UK last year, according to research from Instant Offices, using data compiled from Companies House.

UK Shoppers Face More Identity Check

Online shoppers in the UK face more identification checks when paying for purchases on the internet, as new rules to clamp down on fraud come into force.

Instagram Is Expanding Its Product Tagging Feature

Instagram announced they will be expanding product tagging to everyone in the United States over the next few months. Now, all U.S. users will be able to tag products from businesses that are set up for Instagram Shopping.

Shopify Announced The New Customer Segmentation

Shopify announced New Customer Segmentation and Marketing Automation Tools that allows merchants to group customers together based on their unique behaviours and characteristic. Also from now, merchant on every Shopify plan can send 10,000 emails per month, at no additional cost.

LinkedIn Pages Can Now Publish Newsletters

LinkedIn announced Newsletters for Business Pages. The rollout of LinkedIn Newsletters is an extension of the Articles for Pages featured introduced last year, which allows businesses to create and publish long-form content.

Good Reads

Ecommerce In The Metaverse: what will digital retail look like in 2030?

Shopping in the Metaverse will bring together the efficiency and convenience of Ecommerce with the personalization and atmosphere of an in-person experience. AI technology is already improving personalization online, which enables Ecommerce to compete with brick-and-mortar stores or brands to go omni-channel.

10+ Product Recommendation Examples To Improve Online Shopping Journeys by Wiser AI

If you want to build your own product recommendation system or improve on what you already have, check out the 10 examples of product recommendations compiled by our partner Wiser AI from real brands. In this blog, you can find which stage of the customer journey these brands have targeted their customer recommendation and why they work.

Whatsapp Chat Re-Marketing: Here are 5 Strategies to Try Today by LimeChat

Whatsapp is an immersive way to interact with customers, because it's where 2 billion people are having their conversations. Our partner LimeChat has shared insights about the potential of Whatsapp remarketing, also with 5 remarketing strategies you can deploy on Whatsapp with examples.

The Discounting Playbook: How To Cash In On Genuine Customer Connections by LoyaltyLion

Discounting is no longer everything when building customer connections and driving sales, according to research by our partner LoyaltyLion. Get The discounting playbook to learn more about the discount alternatives you should be running to connect with customers, drive growth and protect your margins all year long.


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