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Rémi Drogoul
Rémi Drogoul

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I'm Camilla Giovannini, Senior Product Manager at Opinew,  part of the shop circle group.

Equity is shown in our company every day as we treat everyone with respect and trust.

We work with all kinds of different people from all over the world, and no matter who we're dealing with these principles apply.

The achievements I'm most proud of are any initiatives where we solve a big problem for our merchants.

A successful project that I lead recently was the review widget redesigned for Opinew, and I love to see my whole team putting the customer needs first and collaborating.

I love that no matter where an idea was coming from, no matter the seniority, the gender, whatever, we were all empowered to do what was best for our customers and the best idea won. It was great to see all the feedback from our happy merchants and the success of the project.

A quote I live by is "don't scratch the surface but dig deeper".

And of course, Happy International Women's Day!

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Head of Marketing & Partnerships at Opinew.