Weekly Round-Up of Ecommerce News (September 2023)

Weekly round-up of the latest news in eCommerce and Shopify, including Tips, Guides, and Industry Reports. Read the eCommerce blogs that help you grow your store here.

Ngan Pham
Ngan Pham

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A weekly round-up of what's happening in the Ecommerce industry around the world. Here you can also find Tips, Guides, and Industry Reports, everything you might want to know specifically about Shopify, and links to the articles that are relevant to you.

September 2023

Week 2

News And Updates

Set-aside Sales Tax

Released On September 14, 2023, the ability to set aside sales tax on Shopify Balance helps merchants using Balance automatically save sales tax in a dedicated Balance account.

Improved Spam Detection in Shopify Inbox

Shopify rolled out a powerful spam detection system that prevents unwanted messages from arriving in your Inbox, so you have more time to focus on responding to real customers.

Increased POS PIN Combinations

POS PINs can now accommodate up to 6 digits. Existing or new staff with access to POS can have either 4, 5, or 6 digit PINs.

Good Reads

How to Customise Your Shopify Email Templates Quickly & Efficiently

Email marketing is unrivalled regarding its return on investment (ROI). With such an enormous opportunity, email marketing is not a channel you’ll want to overlook.

B2B Food & Beverage Ecommerce: What Are the Benefits of Selling Online?

An increasing number of B2B retailers in the food and beverage industry are embracing e-commerce and the benefits that online selling can bring. These are just a few reasons why B2B business owners worldwide are increasingly moving their operations online.

Shopify Payments: A Guide

Read their ultimate guide to Shopify Payments, for businesses looking for a fast, secure, and reliable payment processing solution ...

Week 1

News And Updates

Shopify Merchants Can Soon Choose To Offer Buy with Prime Directly Within Their Shopify Checkout

Shopify merchants who also use Amazon’s fulfillment network will have the option to add the Buy with Prime app from our app ecosystem directly into Shopify Checkout, processed by Shopify Payments.

Standard Shipping now Available for Markets Pro!

Markets Pro has expanded its carrier options to include standard international shipping via DHL eCommerce. Markets Pro merchants now have access to DHL eCommerce at label purchase.

Stores' Primary Market Can Now be Customized

Now, you can change your primary market to a country and currency of your preference, irrespective of your store's general settings.

Shopify Flow - New Triggers for Product Variant Back in Stock and Out of Stock

Going forward, for use cases where the location does not matter and where you simply care about in-stock or out-of-stock, these new triggers should be used, as they are much simpler.

Good Reads

Migrating to Shopify Plus: A Comprehensive Guide to a Seamless Transition

Shopify Plus emerges as a beacon, beckoning businesses to a realm of advanced features and unparalleled support. Migrating to such a platform, however, is a massive endeavor, laden with nuances.

How to Find Your Niche in 6 Steps (2023)

If a thriving business is your goal, you should follow a methodical approach and pick a niche with attributes conducive to online success.

Unveiling the Power of Cohort Analysis: Reduce Customer Churn

Let's face it, cohort analysis is the unsung hero of data analysis. It’s like the Batman of customer behaviour, working behind the scenes to save the day for your business.


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