Weekly Round-Up of Ecommerce News (January 2024)

Weekly round-up of the latest news in eCommerce and Shopify, including Tips, Guides, and Industry Reports. Read the eCommerce blogs that help you grow your store here.

Ngan Pham
Ngan Pham

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A weekly round-up of what's happening in the Ecommerce industry around the world. Here you can also find Tips, Guides, and Industry Reports, everything you might want to know specifically about Shopify, and links to the articles that are relevant to you.

January 2024

Week 3

News And Updates

Shopify Winter ’24 Edition Is Coming – Here’s The Why Behind The Build

On January 31, they'll release our latest version of Shopify Editions, where twice a year they catalog everything they’ve shipped in the past six months. Their Winter ’24 Edition will show you more than 100 platform updates, all designed to help your business succeed.

Shipping Service Suggestions Are Now Available When Purchasing Shopify Shipping Labels

A Suggested shipping service will be pre-selected based on similar orders in your store, rather than always pre-selecting the last used service, increasing the accuracy and speed of buying shipping labels.

Good Reads

Elevate Your Shopify Brand with Video Content Automation

Video content is likely to be a preferred format for your potential customers, and should be an key component of your online marketing. Read our tips on how to get started.

What To Sell on Shopify: 17 Creative Ideas for 2024

When you think of selling online, what initially comes to mind? Probably products like printed t-shirts, handmade jewelry, or pet supplies, right? Creating or curating tangible goods to sell online is a common business model, after all—one that defines many who use Shopify today.

Week 2

News And Updates

Breaking News: Enterprise Software Does Not Have To Suck

Commerce moves fast. Like all merchants, enterprises are trying to keep up. But there’s one big problem getting in their way: The software many of them rely on is an unwieldy monster.

Performance👆, Complexity👇: Killer Updates From Shopify Engineering

Every millisecond matters for our merchants. That means it needs to be simple to scale, and not bogged down by overly complex architecture.

Earn 3.86% Annually With Shopify Balance

Shopify Balance now rewards you with 3.86% in the form of an annual percentage yield (APY) on all money held in your Balance account.

Shopify Flow - Get discount data

In the action, you can get a list of discounts and then use that data to automate processes in your store, or send scheduled reports.

Good Reads

GMail and Yahoo: New Email Authentication Requirements for Shopify Businesses

There are incoming changes that require action, after two of the major email inbox providers have laid out requirements for stronger authentication as of February 2024.

Sales Season Strategies Beyond Discounts: Building Loyalty and Offering Exclusivity

Rather than big blanket discounts and offloading old stock, merchants prioritize strategies that will boost customer lifetime value. Here’s how.

Week 1

News And Updates

Online Holiday Spending Jumps Nearly 5% To Record, Adobe Analytics Says

Shoppers got drawn in by retailers’ deep discounts and leaned on buy now, pay later more than in previous holiday seasons.

Retailers took back $743B in returns last year, with $101B lost to fraud: NRF

E-commerce has led to more returns, which many retailers are working to mitigate, per a report from the National Retail Federation and Appriss Retail.

10 Shopify and Ecommerce Trends to Expect in 2024

We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 Shopify and ecommerce trends to expect in 2024, as well as how to implement them right now.

Good Reads

Brand Building Is World Building

Joe Anhalt is a New York-based copywriter turned designer turned all-around marketer. He consults with direct-to-consumer ecommerce companies on growth strategies, including branding. “You can bring shoppers into your world,” he told me. “Brand-building is like world-building.”

Instagram Tips for 2024 eCommerce Success

Ready to dominate the social media game? Buckle up, because our Instagram tips for 2024 are about to rock your world and skyrocket your brand’s online presence.

10 Essential Tips for Maximising Sales with Shopify POS

There are many ways to manage your points of sale, but there is no denying that Shopify POS is one of the most widely used. When using Shopify POS, there are several ways to maximise your business’ sales.


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