Weekly Round-Up of Ecommerce News (January 2023)

Weekly round-up of the latest news in eCommerce and Shopify, including Tips, Guides, and Industry Reports. Read the eCommerce blogs that help you grow your store here.

Ngan Pham
Ngan Pham

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A weekly round-up of what's happening in the Ecommerce industry around the world. Here you can also find Tips, Guides, and Industry Reports, everything you might want to know specifically about Shopify, and links to the articles that are relevant to you.

January 2023

Week 4

News And Updates

Shopify Scales To 1,000 Locations

They are continuing to improve the ways in which merchants can grow and operate at scale with Shopify. Available now, merchants can add, edit and manage 1,000 locations.

Shopify Audiences Is Now Available For Pinterest Ads

Shopify Audiences is a marketing app that helps you find new customers by generating audience lists for digital advertising platforms, such as Meta, Google, and now Pinterest.

Enhancements To POS Custom Printed Receipts

Available now, manage these customization options by navigating to your Point of Sale channel view, or POS app, and then going to Settings > Printed Receipts.

Good Reads

Top 10 Shopify Apps To Watch Out For in 2023

Here at AYKO, Shopify experts have got their heads together and prepared this helpful guide on our Top 10 Shopify Apps To Watch Out For in 2023, with a particular focus on subscription apps, for businesses of all sizes and budgets…

EBook: 2023 E-Commerce Partner Playbook

The insightful content found within is the go-to resource for new and established e-commerce brands looking to rapidly scale their businesses in 2023.

How OutSystems Improves Digital Payment Experiences

The fundamentals of the payment process, digital payments trends, and how OutSystems is helping solve disruptions in digital payments along with the OutSystems payment gateway integration process.

Importance Of Keeping The Customer Database Clean For Successful Email Marketing

Email marketing is an essential channel to drive sales, but it is extremely important to have an accurate and up-to-date customer database.

Week 3

News And Updates

New: Updates to B2B Email Templates

With the introduction of new B2B variables in email templates, your customers will have access to all of the information they need to better enable self-serve buying.

Live View Now Has Refreshed Look With Better Search And Navigation Using The Interactive Map

In this update, Shopify introduced improvements to searching and navigation with an updated interactive map interface.

Shopify Admin Now Lives At admin.shopify.com

Part of this was consolidating Shopify’s domains under a single domain admin.shopify.com, which results in reduced time for page reloads when you navigate the Shopify admin.

Good Reads

11 Beer Ecommerce Stores Brewed on Shopify

They’ve rounded up a list of beer ecommerce brands leveraging Shopify and its integrations to serve up crisp store designs and refreshingly unique customer experiences.

15 Tips To Reduce Cart Abandonment In Your Shopify Store

From marketing tactics to website design, there are various ways you can optimize the checkout process and help boost revenue in your Shopify store. Let’s get into it.

Mastering the Art of Customer Retention: What You Need to Know

It's time to take control of your Customer Retention Rate. In this blog, they'll cover everything from understanding Customer Retention Rate, calculating it, and comparing it to industry standards.

Week 2

News And Updates

Automate Everything And Get Back To Business

Create custom workflows, get more from your existing apps, and watch business boom.

Webhook Topic For Auditing The Store Admin

Shopify added a new Audit events webhook topic that allows all Admin API activity to be audited, so you can understand the history of all actions that impact your store, whether they're from the store admin or public, private, or custom apps.

Now Available: Functions APIs For Delivery And Payment Customizations!

Great news, the Functions APIs for delivery customizations and payment customizations are now available in a developer preview.

Your Average Order Value Now Has A New Definition In Shopify

This adjusted definition of AOV applies to all places where AOV is shown within the Admin, including historical data.

Good Reads

Maximizing ROI: A Comprehensive Guide To PPC Optimization For ECommerce And Lead Generation

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is a powerful tool for eCommerce businesses looking to drive traffic and sales. There are some key differences between PPC for eCommerce and PPC for lead generation, and understanding these differences is crucial for achieving optimal results.

Top 5 Marketing Automation Trends For 2023 And How Adobe Marketo Engage Fulfills Them

The focus in 2023 and beyond is on superior customer experiences, positive ROIs, and accelerated growth. Let's discuss what are the marketing automation trends in 2023 and how Adobe Marketo Engage can help accomplish those goals.

Key Strategies To Convert One-Time Buyers To Repeat Buyers

Let's see how to make this acquisition investment profitable, turning these one-time buyers into frequent ones.

EOL Shopware 5: The Perfect Time To Migrate To Shopify

Shopware 5's End of Life (EOL) has arrived - and it's forcing your ecommerce brand to move to another platform.

Week 1

News And Updates

Shopify Enters Its Next Era Of Growth: Redefining Enterprise Retail. Introducing Commerce Components by Shopify

For the first time, they’re giving the world’s largest retailers access to Shopify’s component infrastructure that has powered over a half trillion dollars in global commerce, offering flexibility at scale. Learn more about Shopify Components here.

Shopify Shares Data With Merchants to Support Targeted Ads

Shopify is aiming to grow its revenue by helping retailers deliver targeted ads. The eCommerce platform is using its recently announced partnerships with Meta and Google to identify and help retailers reach potential customers.

Supreme New York Moves Website To Shopify

Streetwear brand, Supreme, is migrating from its own custom e-commerce platform to Shopify. First spotted by Mohak, the move has sparked speculation about how it may impact the brand's future releases.

Webhook Topics Specifically For Activating And Deactivating Locations

Dedicated webhook topics have been introduced that will be sent out whenever a location is deactivated locations/deactivate or when a deactivated location is re-activated locations/activate.

Good Reads

Optimizing The Shopify Conversion Rate: This Is How Visitors Become Buyers

Conversion rate describes the percentage of visitors who buy from your Shopify store. In order to keep the conversion rate as high as possible or to constantly increase it, not only your products and the respective price have to be convincing. The design, communication and additional services are also decisive for a purchase decision.

Marketing For Wellness Brands Beyond ‘New Year, New You’

Here, we give you the top trends in marketing for wellness brands we’re expecting to see in 2023 to improve wellness brands stand out in this crowded marketing landscape AND keep up the hype beyond the new year rush of new year’s resolutioners.


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