5 Best Examples Of Customer Product Reviews On Shopify Stores

Shopify Feb 2, 2021

We're gonna look at 5 best practice examples we could find of customer reviews on shopify and tell you what it is that we like about them. Welcome to our little show and tell!

1. Pipsnacks

Pipsnacks product reviews layout
Pipsnacks product reviews layout

Blended Together
It just looks right. It's cohesive. The color palette is the same as it is through the rest of the page and it gives a sense that those reviews are well integrated into their store.

2. Manitobah

Manitobah product reviews layout (star ratings)
Manitobah product reviews layout (star ratings)
Manitobah product reviews layout (no stars)
Manitobah product reviews layout (no stars)

Some Produts Have A Lot Of Reviews... And Others Don't
It's only natural that some products will be more popular than others and thus will get more reviews than others. And some might even have no reviews yet, and there's no shame in that. Of course you can hide the review section until you get reviews but you don't have to. And yes, generally, you'll try to get reviews for your less reviewed products, but despite your best efforts, some products will get more reviews than others.

3. Skinny Teatox

Skinny Teatox Review layout
Skinny Teatox Review layout

Not Great, But Detailed
We love that a customer took the time to offer their opinion on each and every one of the contents of their package, offering an honest look into their experience with that product. This gives credence to all of the surrounding reviews. So if you get one of these and you're thinking "it's long and it's not very flattering", don't think too much about it. Try to see it as something helps you establish trust.

4. Meow Meow Tweet

Meow Meow Tweet Product Reviews layout
Meow Meow Tweet Product Reviews layout

Ok so not everything is going to go well all the time. We all know this, your customers know this, your potential customers know this too. When you get a bad review, the best practice isn't to hide it or delete it, but to reply to it. Take that as a chance to show that you have good customer service.

5. Luca+Danni

Luca+Danni product reviews layout
Luca+Danni product reviews layout

Verified Buyer
Having reviews from verified purchases goes a long way towards reassuring your potential customers that what they're seeing is genuine.

What do you look for when looking at customer reviews when you want to get a sense as to how genuine they are? Keep this in mind when dealing with your own store and you should be fine. Be honest, have a good customer service, and trust your product.

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Writer based in Monterrey, Mexico, dedicated to content creation, creative writing, screenwriting and translations. Studied Law at UANL.

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