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Opinew - A Better Alternative

What if your store could collect reviews & only show the best ones automatically?

Automatic review collection automations via Email, SMS and QR Codes

Import reviews from any sales channel (Amazon, eBay, and AliExpress)

Display beautiful review widgets on your Shopify store, Google Ads & Facebook

We Both Import & Collect Reviews But...

With Opinew, You Have Access To The Most Advanced Review Tool On Shopify, With State-Of-The-Art Technology.

With Opinew's Smart Reviews assistant, you can automatically filter and display only your highest converting reviews on your Shopify Store. It's like hiring a virtual assistant!

At Opinew, Our Beautiful Widgets Let Your Customers Speak For You.

All our widgets are highly-customizable, optimized and don’t affect your lighthouse score, allowing you to display reviews at every step of your buyer's journey and convert more thanks to strong social proof.

At Opinew, We're Proud To Be The Only All-In-One Review Solution For D2C Brands on Shopify

With Opinew, you can manage, import, collect and display reviews all in one single app. Import reviews from all your sale channels and convert more with strong social proof.

With Opinew, You Get All The Support You Need to Make Your Shopify Store Successful.

Migrate from other apps. Onboard with video tutorials. Customer support available via live chat. Dedicated customer sucess manager for fast-growing Shopify merchants.


Basic collection flows
Advanced collection flows
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Smart Reviews
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Bulk Imports from Alixexpress
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Bulk Imports from Amazon/eBay
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Sync Imported reviews
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Customer Support Integrations
Most lightweight reviews app on the app store
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Basic Klaviyo/Omnisend
Advanced Klaviyo/Omnisend Integrations
Coupon Rewards Integrated with Shopify
Questions and answers
SMS Request Flows
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Printed Review Requests
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Sync Reviews Between multiple Shops and Products

Claimed the best Shopify reviews app

by 1000s of merchants

World's best companies use Opinew to collect & display their reviews.

From zero to a 100 real quick: Migrate from to Opinew

Opinew lets you import reviews from any online sales channels (Amazon, Ebay, AliExpress Oberlo, Spreadr, Importify, Dropified) where your product is sold.

We provide 3 differents methods for you to import hard-earned reviews on your Shopify store:

  • Opinew's Google Chrome Extension for 1 click imports of reviews in bulk,
  • In-App import tool,
  • Easy migration system from other review apps via CSV files.

Stamped's importing features are quite limited. The only way you will be able to import reviews will be manually through a CSV file, or by exporting reviews to a CSV file from other Shopify review apps.Stamped's importing features are quite limited. The only way you will be able to import reviews will be manually through a CSV file, or by exporting reviews to a CSV file from other Shopify review apps.

In terms of widgets, Opinew comes with a set of beautiful widgets right from our starting plan:

  • Product Page Reviews Widget, to display your reviews, Q&A's, and a button to leave a review.
  • Product Stars Rating, to show stars on the product & collection page. When clicked, jump to the reviews widget.
  • Collection Stars Rating, to show stars in collections. When clicked, it will go to the product page.
  • All Reviews Page, to show all your shop's reviews on a dedicated page.
  • Review Carousel, to show a number of reviews selected by the merchant in a carousel view on your homepage
  • Footer & Email Badge, a badge that shows the average star rating for the whole shop on your footer and review request emails.
  • Facebook Review Tab, to display your store’s reviews on your Facebook page.
  • Floating Review Widget, a sticky widget available on every pages, displaying all your store reviews when clicked.

All of them are highly-customizable, either using our widget themes templates that you can play around with, or via CSS if you are looking to make it really custom to match your branding perfectly.

Here's an overview of the widgets available in Stamped:

  • Carousel Reviews, Full Page reviews
  • Reviews Popup
  • Single Highlight
  • Visual Gallery
  • Wall Photos
  • Top Rated
  • Side Drawer
  • Site Badge
  • Instagram Feed
  • Smart Banner - only available on premium plan
  • Photo reviews - only available on basic plan
  • Checkout Comments - only available on basic plan
  • Facebook review tab - only available on basic plan
  • Q&A - only available on business plan

If you are looking to make any basic changes to these widgets, just keep in mind you will need to upgrade to the basic plan.

To collect reviews, Opinew offers three different solutions to make sure you don't miss out on a chance to get reviews from happy customers:

  • Via email (editable with an advanced HTML editor)
  • Via SMS,
  • via QR Codes, included in the order of your customer. also offers the possibiblity to send email review requests. But any customization or adding coupons to this email will require to upgrade to higher plans!

Stamped Integrations:

  • Page builders: Pagefly
  • Email marketing & Loyalty: Klaviyo, Omnisend, LoyaltyLion,
  • Customer Support: Gorgias, ReAmaze, HelpScout
  • Google: rich snippet, product ratings - only on basic plan
  • Search filters & recommendations: Searchanise, Findify

Opinew integrations:

  • Page builders: Pagefly, GemPages, LayoutHub, Debutify, EcomSolid
  • Customer support: Zendesk, Gorgias
  • Google: Rich snippets, Google Shopping - only on Warehouse plan
  • Email Marketing & Loyalty: Klaviyo, Omnisend, LoyaltyLion
  • Search filters & recommendations: Searchanise, Wiser, Fast Simon, Limespot
  • Translation: Weglot

Learn more about what you can do with Opinew integrations >


Why choose Opinew over

If you are looking to import, display and request reviews from your customers, won't be enough as they do not offer importing features, except from a CSV file. On the other hand, Opinew provides 1-click bulk imports from Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, Oberlo, and any of your sales channels.

Ready to dive in? Start your 14 day free trial today.

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