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Opinew - A Better Alternative

What if your store could collect reviews & only show the best ones automatically?

Collect reviews from Email, SMS and QR Codes on autopilot.

Import reviews in bulk from Amazon, eBay and AliExpress.

Advanced integrations with Klaviyo & Omnisend to perfect your review request automations.

We Both Import & Collect Reviews But...

Opinew is the only solution on Shopify to import reviews from any marketplace.

Selling on Amazon, Ebay or AliExpress? Import your hard-earned product and seller reviews in bulk and in 1 click and keep them automatically synced.

With Opinew, You Can Enjoy Advanced Tools to Collect Reviews From Happy Customers Instantly.

Send Email, SMS and printed review requests, right after delivery of the order, get more reviews.

With Opinew, Your Store Is Optimized For Conversions.

With Opinew's Smart Reviews Assistant, every aspect of your social proof is highly optimized, displaying only your best reviews on top, without affecting your page load speed.

At Opinew, Your Success Is Our Success.

Enjoy a dedicated Customer Success Manager for Fast Growing Shopify Brands. Unrivalled live chat support available 7 days a week available to help you set up and get started with Opinew instantly.


Basic collection flows
Advanced collection flows
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Smart Reviews
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Bulk Imports from Alixexpress
Bulk Imports from Amazon/eBay
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Sync Imported reviews
Customer Support Integrations
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Most lightweight reviews app on the app store
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Basic Klaviyo/Omnisend
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Advanced Klaviyo/Omnisend Integrations
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Coupon Rewards Integrated with Shopify
Questions and answers
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SMS Request Flows
Printed Review Requests
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Sync Reviews Between multiple Shops and Products
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Claimed the best Shopify reviews app

by 1000s of merchants

World's best companies use Opinew to collect & display their reviews.

From zero to a 100 real quick: Migrate from to Opinew

Opinew is a review management solution that allows you to generate content from your current and past orders by importing and collecting new reviews, and displaying them at every steps of your buyer’s journey. This will improve your Shopify store’s credibility, increase your conversion rate, and boost your sales (have a look at how Naipo increased by 40% their sales volume after installing Opinew!)

By allowing our users to import reviews to Shopify from almost any online source (Amazon, eBay, Shopify) in bulk and in 1 click, Opinew is the go-to review solution for direct-to-consumer brands selling on multiple marketplaces as well as for newer brands looking to supercharge their store with much needed social proof. In comparison, Fera doesn’t offer any importing features, meaning you will have to manually copy and paste reviews, names and ratings, and download pictures or video, before adding them to a CSV file and finally uploading them to their system. If that sounds complicated to you, just look at how Phoenix Leather Goods effortlessly manages an astonishing number of +80,000 product reviews with Opinew.

For collecting reviews, both offer these different features:

Opinew will help you build trustworthy social proof on your Shopify store, boosting your revenues, and increasing your conversion rate only through a few clicks.

  • Write a review directly on the product widget, including photo & video reviews
  • Send review requests Emails to customers after they have made a purchase

Because more and more shops are sending out email review requests to their customers, we offer you the possibility to stand out by sending SMS review requests and even printed review requests allowing your customers to write their review right on delivery. Fera doesn't support SMS nor printed review requests so the only way to send them is by email. This will greatly limit the number of new reviews coming to your store and may be an obstacle to a steady growth for your business.

In terms of widgets, Fera offers multiple widgets for their users to make their stores look busy in order to increase the credibility and build a strong social proof. They also give a full design customization for all widgets from the first plan STARTUP plan. You can choose the best color and design that suits your theme the most. They also have some categories that show the purpose of all widgets along with some recommendations on which widget would work the best. Fera offers lots of widgets that can be used for different purposes for your Shopify store, but when registering for the first plan you will only have to use 3 widgets across all of these options, in order to use more widgets you will be asked to upgrade to their next plan which will allow you to use 10 widgets.

All our review widgets are available from the starting plan and come with pre-defined templates as well as full customization options:

  • Product Reviews Widget, to display your reviews, questions & answers, and a button to leave a review.
  • Product Stars Rating, to show stars on the product & collection page. When clicked, jump to the reviews widget.
  • Collection Stars Rating, to show stars in collections. When clicked, it goes to the product page.
  • All Reviews Page, to show reviews from the whole shop on a dedicated page.
  • Review Carousel, to show a number of reviews selected by the merchant in a carousel view.
  • Footer & Email Badge, a badge that shows the average star rating for the whole shop.
  • Facebook Review Tab, to display your store’s reviews on your Facebook page.
  • Floating Review Widget, a sticky widget available on every pages, displaying all your store reviews when clicked.

While Opinew offers the main important widgets you will need on a Shopify store, Fera is trying to diversify its offer by providing new ways of showcasing reviews on your website and social media. However, you will need to upgrade in order to have access to that! In regards to marketing and upselling tools, both applications offer coupons & discounts to incentivize your past customers to leave a review and these coupons are accessible from the lowest plan for static or dynamic coupons.

Migrate from to Opinew in 1 minute and finally get all the tools you need to build strong social proof.

Ready to dive in? Start your 14 day free trial today.

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