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“{merge_tags}” – how they work

You noticed that our default email templates have the special tags like {customer_name} or {product_name}.

When Opinew sends emails those merge tags will be filled automatically with the right data.

So if you are sending an email to John Smith that ordered a Spiderman Toy and the email has a text:

Hi {customer_name},

Thanks for ordering {product_name} from us ….

we will modify it like this when we send:

Hi John,

Thanks for ordering Spiderman Toy from us ….

Available Merge Tags

You can check what tags are available for each of the templates by clicking the “Show More” button inside the editor

In the popup you will see the required and optional merge tags for this template.

!!Required merge tags must to be in the template or it will not save!!


There are also special [[ ]] tags that will make text inside them not display if any of the merge tags are empty. Read more about it here: [[]] conditional tags

Updated on June 8, 2019

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