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How do “{merge_tags}” work on Opinew?

You noticed that our default email templates have the special tags like {customer_name} or {product_name}.

When Opinew sends emails those merge tags will be filled automatically with the right data.

So if you are sending an email to John Smith that ordered a Spiderman Toy and the email has a text:

Hi {customer_name},

Thanks for ordering {product_name} from us ….

we will modify it like this when we send:

Hi John,

Thanks for ordering Spiderman Toy from us ….

Available Merge Tags

You can check what tags are available for each of the templates at the top of every Template Editor:

You will see the required and optional merge tags for each template.

!!Required merge tags must to be in the template or it will not save!!


There are also special [[ ]] tags that will make text inside them not display if any of the merge tags are empty. Read more about it here: [[]] conditional tags

Updated on April 6, 2021
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