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Create Button Links in Emails

1.Drag the button element into your template

2.Click on the button to start editing it

3.Edit the text and link of the button

For the button text you can use merge tags like {product_name} to fill the content dynamically. But you can also use a normal text too.

For links, you can also use the merge tags. Common Button links for our emails are:

  1. Review Request Email
    • {review_request_link}
  2. Review Verify Email (for unverified reviews left directly from the on-site widget)
    • {verify_review_link}
    • {edit_review_link}

Of course you might want to create your own custom buttons and not those exact ones, so you can use any link you want there, it doesn’t have a merge tag.

Updated on May 19, 2019

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