Cant find the answer? Our customer support team available 7 days a week. Use the live chat to reach out.

Do you support rich snippets, rich results or Google search engine stars?
Yes, and our support can help you integrate that. We support both microdata and JSONLD formats.
I used a different app before - can I bring my reviews over?
Yes, we have a migration feature in the app. We support all the major review providers like yotpo, stampedio, judgeme, loox, orankl, kudobuzz, and others. All you need is a CSV file from your previous system to upload into opinew.
Will you help me install the plugin?
Yes, our free theme integration support is on 7 days a week. However in most of the cases the plugin will install itself during the installation, but if something seems off or did not install, get in touch with our support via in app live chat (we usually respond quite quickly) at the bottom right corner of the app.
What marketplaces do you import reviews from?
We currently support Aliexpress, Amazon and Ebay. We also support apps like Oberlo, Dropified, Importify and Spreadr. We have an integration with Amazon Seller Central too.
Do you synchronize imported reviews?
Yes, we synchronize those reviews every week.
I need more than 5000 review request per month.
Yes, we do support large volume shops. Use the support chat in the bottom right and we'll talk about a custom plan for you.
Do I need to create coupons manually inside Shopify?
No need. We fully integrate with Shopify's coupon system behind the scenes.
Do you integrate with Google Shopping?
Yes. You can find the guide on how to get your Opinew reviews into Google Shopping Feed in Integrations>Google Shopping menu of the app
What would happen with our old reviews if we add your app to Shopify?
You can migrate reviews from your old app into Opinew. Migrate reviews from shopify platforms to opinew
I'd also like to confirm that your app will not interfere with any other apps we have on Shopify, we currently use a wholesale app.
Our code is css and js safe and it doesn't interact with your theme or other apps.
What kind of support will we receive from you?
7 days a week technical support via live chat and email. We can answer any questions and help with the app integration, coding etc.
Do you offer a trial period?
We offer a 14 days free trial.
Is this easy to Install and set up?
Mostly installation is automatic but on top of that we have technical support available via live chat that can help with installation and setup.
Can I send the 'Leave review message' to customers from the past 2/3 months to get the review up quickly?
Yes, you can do that. You can bulk select how many months in the past you want to send the requests
Can I import reviews from Apple Store and Google Play Store?
That is doable if you add them via custom csv.
If a customer placed an order and leaves a 5 star review and then they purchase again, will they get notified to leave another review? Will it count as 2 reviews? Or do duplicate users get filtered into 1 review only?
If it's on the same item then reviews will be merged.
If a customer leaves a bad review and I reach out to fix the issue, can I resend them the notification to review and update their review?
If in the long run this app doesn't work out as expected, can I transfer reviews to competitor brands?
All the non-imported reviews (from review requests, from your csv upload or left directly from the widget) can be exported, no problem.
In the product page, does it show reviews for that product only? Or does it show the overall website reviews?
It will show that product's reviews. Unless you want to show your all store reviews on your products. It's either product reviews or all store reviews.
I want to show the reviews on the footer of every page regardless if its collection page or product page. Is that possible?
You can show a footer badge. Check the bottom of our demo store.
Can remove a specific review from showing up at any point?
Yes, you have full control.
How do reviews weigh in on google? Does it weigh in on google at all?
Yes, we boost your organic SEO with review rich snippets (stars in search). On top of that our app is fast and optimizes review images, which makes it not affect your lighthouse scores and keeps your page speed related SEO intact.
Does it show a customer verified stamp?
Yes we show verified purchase badges on reviews that are verified.
What is the max plan you offer and what if it exceeds this?
We offer flexible pricing so you can pick your limit with a slider up to 5000 orders a month. We can create a custom plan with higher limits if need be.
Does it let users include image/videos on a review?
Yes. Our reviews consist of mandatory star rating and optional text, up to 5 photos and 1 video.
Does this integrate with Klaviyo or Tapcart?
We have Integrations with Klaviyo, Omnisend, LoyaltyLion, not Tapcart. Check our integrations here.
I am working on a brick and mortar location, how does reviews work in that case?
Reviews will only display in your main shopify online store.
I have Google and Facebook linked, if I approve the review does it show there as well? If i decline the review does it auto show on google and facebook anyway?
It will show on Shopify and you can show those reviews also on Facebook. You'll be able to have a custom Reviews tab with all your shopify reviews showing there. You can't push those reviews to Google unfortunately.
If at first I have it set to product reviews and then I switch to overall reviews, will it show all product reviews added up?
It will not mix reviews. If you switch to show shop reviews on a product page it will simply show reviews from all products like this.

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