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After leveraging Opinew to gather reviews from across the web, ecommerce retailer NAIPO boosted sales by 40%, signifying a 7000 times return on investment (ROI). Opinew helped drive over €70,000 of revenue in the first two weeks after implementation.

The Client

NAIPO began life as an Amazon brand specializing in electrical massage products. Its Shopify Ecommerce store,, was launched in 2020 and caters to a worldwide audience, with dedicated teams on every continent.

NAIPO’s overriding mission is to improve the health and wellbeing of its ever-increasing customer base. In practical terms, NAIPO manifests this mission by making the benefits of daily massage available to everybody, irrespective of time or location.

From its inception as an Amazon-based business, NAIPO has grown into a highly-respected brand that boasts seven-figure annual revenues. The company’s outward-looking, global ambition is an expression of its broader mission.





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What Challenges Did NAIPO Face When It Came to Customer Reviews?

Prior to its implementation of Opinew, NAIPO faced the following challenges:

  • Difficulties importing reviews from third-party Ecommerce platforms:
  • NAIPO wanted to showcase all product reviews, most of which were overwhelmingly positive, on relevant product pages to boost customer confidence.

  • Scattered reviews across platforms:
  • NAIPO has a presence on multiple third-party Ecommerce platforms like Amazon and eBay. Aggregating reviews from these sites on an ongoing basis presented significant hurdles.

  • A lack of automation resulting in wasted resources:
  • Manually searching for and importing reviews for use on individual product pages was prohibitively time-consuming.

    I chose Opinew because of its superior functionality and awesome support.

    -David Eberst, Co-Founder of NAIPO-

    The Solution

    Opinew worked with NAIPO to integrate customized review widgets, including Q&A sections, on all of its ecommerce product pages. NAIPO also leveraged Opinew’s email integration feature to create a seamless process for requesting reviews from past customers.

    From the get-go, NAIPO saw an increase in product-specific conversion rates and sales volume.

    Opinew provided the following benefits:

  • Automated review aggregation:
  • Opinew’s automated import and sync features meant that NAIPO could gather reviews from platforms like Amazon and eBay with a minimum of manual input. The AI function automatically showcased top-converting reviews in the most prominent areas of NAIPO’s product pages.

  • Streamlined inclusion of rich media:
  • The translation and rich media features helped NAIPO save time when it came to making reviews accessible to foreign markets.

  • A unified customer journey:
  • NAIPO’s innovative business model relies on a dual customer journey that blends both online and offline experiences. Having access to a consolidated review platform means that NAIPO can leverage reviews in its brick-and-mortar showrooms and show them to customers.

  • Precise analytics and conversion tracking:
  • Opinew’s native analytics tools can be used to track total revenues from sales influenced by reviews, the number of reviews collected on a daily basis, open rates for review requests, and revenues from sales using discount coupons provided when customers leave reviews. These tools enable NAIPO to determine a clear return on investment (ROI).

  • Ongoing customer success:
  • Opinew provides NAIPO with access to a customer success representative. This streamlines the onboarding process and ensures optimal use of the platform over the long term.

  • Bulk import of reviews via Opinew Chrome extension :
  • The team at NAIPO particularly liked the Opinew Google Chrome extension, which allowed them to import reviews in bulk from marketplaces on which they were already operating.


    Value of sales through Opinew during two weeks after installation.


    Sales volume increase after implementing Opinew.


    Times return on investment (ROI) based on cost of implementing Opinew.

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    “Virtually everyone checks the reviews before buying. Opinew is extremely helpful when it comes to creating a positive first impression.”

    David Eberst, Co-Founder of NAIPO

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