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5 / 5 25 Nov, 2018 Verified purchase

I can't say enough about this great dish rack! The quality is very good. And I love how they thought of different little additions and compartments but other districts don't have. I've never seen a dish rack like this one, sold in stores. It is very versatile. For example, the knife compartment also pops open so that you can also use it for small items like cake decorating tips. And I was pleasantly surprised to find that it even came with a cloth dish drying Mat. No dish drying rack ever includes a washable cloth mat. I've always had to buy them separately. It was also very easy to put together. I am very pleased with this dish rack and I don't think I'll ever need another dish rack again.

5 / 5 06 Jan, 2019

So impressed with the quality, we can’t believe how well it functions, the design is perfect, very satisfied.

5 / 5 03 Nov, 2018 Verified purchase

I've been trying to find a drying rack like this for literally YEARS. We are family of five (with three teenage boys) and produce a lot of dirty dishes. I've tried racks from Costco, BBB, and Target -- they always were a compromise in some major way (lots of storage but flimsy, sturdy but no versatility, versatile but way too small, etc ). This rack really holds a lot and is well made. My favorite things that differentiate it from many out there: the special holder for a cutting board or baking sheet to dry upright, the dedicated holder for knives that is separate from the silverware basket, and the second tier that adds space. If I could change anything, I'd make the silverware holder a bit deeper (because we usually put forks and spoons in the dishwasher, it's the big serving items and spatulas that get dried on the rack and they are tall and need a deeper basket), I'd like at least one slot on the knife holder size for big chopping knives, and I'd make the entire thing longer by about 4-5 inches to provide even more space for those bigger serving bowls and frying pans that are drying. So, while it's not A+ perfect, it is still pretty darn close. Certainly the best one I've purchased, and worth the price tag. Bonus worth noting....It comes with a drip tray AND a microfiber drying mat. So I use the drip tray under the rack itself, and use the microfiber drying mat next to it when I need extra drying space for those larger pots and pans.

5 / 5 07 Apr, 2019 Verified purchase
4 / 5 18 May, 2019

Welcome to my tiny kitchen! This rack was perfect for freeing up the only counter space I have. Not a fan of the included accessories: cutting board rack is useless for my purposes; cutlery rack is too small, and slots are not appropriate for drying knives, as it's metal; there is nothing to use for drying glasses. I will remedy these issues with parts from my old dish rack. The unit does bow in the middle slightly, but is not of concern; it is sturdy as advertised (though not made of stainless, as some other reviewers have stated). Overall a good purchase.

5 / 5 30 Jan, 2019 Verified purchase

Two different trays and a microfiber mat are furnished. So as to not waste any of them, I found a way to use all three (see photo). I would suggest that the microfiber mat be made wider because the glass holders hang over the outside. In the photo, you can see that I have rotated the microfiber mat 90 deg from how I believe it was intended to be oriented. This way, the water drops from the glasses drop on the mat, not the counter top. Also, the utensil container should be deeper. The tops of the utensils are high enough above the container that I tend to hit them with my arm and sometimes knock them out of the container.Overall, I think that anyone will be please with this item.

5 / 5 07 Feb, 2019 Verified purchase

I bought this because I had a cheaper dish rack that started to rust. This, so far is great, and the move able top shelf is a plus.

5 / 5 07 Dec, 2018

I love it! I definitely recommend, comes very well packed too.

5 / 5 04 Apr, 2019

We are a community of 6 religious men. Washing dishes the old-fashioned way builds fraternal charity, so we needed an industrial size dish rack.
The PremiumRacks Large Professional Dish Rack - 304 Stainless Steel Modern Design was PERFECT!
This is the BEST dish rack we have ever had.
Our compliments to Mr. Tommy Felice for offering a great product!

5 / 5 03 Apr, 2019 Verified purchase

Worth every penny!!! Love it!!!!