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5 / 5 13 Jan, 2019

Thank you for Powerful and Beautiful Orgonite Pyramid !!

5 / 5 07 Jan, 2019

Best Purchase From the Internet. I Love my Necklace and Everyday i wear it :) Thanks Orgonite Crystal

5 / 5 13 Jan, 2019

Unique and Beautiful Piece of Craftwork + More then Fair price + no delivery Cost + safety and super fast delivered = delighted Buyer 😊 Thank you Orgonite Crystals for All Positive Vibes !!!

5 / 5 07 Jan, 2019 Verified purchase

I received my necklaces today their absolutely beautiful, and to my surprise there was a gift in there from them a stunning yellow orgone. I highly recommend these and I will be ordering more soon.

5 / 5 11 Jan, 2019

Hey Orgonite Crystal, this is Awesome. I normally Not do the Reviewes but this Beautiful And Powerful Pyramid Force me to do it. This is really Very powerful Orgonite Pyramid I have in my life. My family loved it. And they provide in beautiful Box and surprise I get And gift also in the box. Which make me more Happy. We love you Orgonite Crystals. .. Thank you.. and I highly recommend to buy from Orgonite Crystal. They not only Sell the Stuff but they are on Mission to MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE WITH THE HELP OF CRYSTALS... So guys don't go anywhere this is the place for Orgonite. ..😍