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5 / 5 05 Dec, 2018

We did lots of research into the best board to do some paddle exploring with the kids on board too - and the Ride 10'6 is perfect! It was great to test one for the weekend from Stonker, and after a couple of rides we were sold. It is big and stable enough for me and 2 kids when inflated, but also folds down into a small enough case to throw into the boot of the car.

5 / 5 08 Dec, 2018

We were so impressed with the service we received from Murray that we went ahead and purchased another SUP for my wife. The 9'8" ride is the ideal size for her weight.

5 / 5 11 Nov, 2018 Verified purchase
5 / 5 06 Dec, 2018

Murray was fantastic to deal with when I was deciding which SUP board to buy. He didn't hesitate to answer any questions I had and was very knowledgable about all of the products. I chose this board at his recommendation and OMG I have not been disappointed. This board is absolutely fantastic for myself, my husband and my children. It is so stable, so easy to paddle and most importantly for me, so easy to inflate and deflate. I wanted inflatable so I could take it in my caravan but I think if you're looking for any board, even if you don't need an inflatable then you can't go wrong with this board. Absolutely love it and highly recommend Murray to purchase off.