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5 / 5 24 Apr, 2018
5 / 5 24 Jun, 2017 Verified purchase

These shoes are worth the money! The only problem is that I got them the wrong size 9.5, when in fact I needed a size 9.
One word of caution, if you're a size 10 and it's not in stock, go for the 9.5 not the 10.5, as these shoes come up quite big.
My error, nice shoes though!

5 / 5 24 Jun, 2017 Verified purchase

I have worn these shoes for a few days now, went from wearing doc boots to shoes..As soon as I saw and wore them
I instantly fell in love with them, they are very classic beautiful shoes.Only down side that i'd like to point out is that;
they are very hard at the back because they are leather so they tend to dig into your back heal and is very painful to walk, i've only had this problem with the left heel specifically, if you wear thick socks or about three medium thin socks and wear them as much as possible they will eventually break in.

Awesome Don
Q: Would these be ok to wear with a black suit for a night out?
Q: Whats the length of the shoelace? Do they sell replacements?
5 / 5 24 Apr, 2018

Amazing shoes

1 / 5 28 Aug, 2018 Verified purchase